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Help needed with USMC dog tags

Article about: These dog tags came out of the local rubbish tip , can someone please help with their age and any Service history of the guy , Thank you for any help

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    Default Help needed with USMC dog tags

    These dog tags came out of the local rubbish tip , can someone please help with their age and any Service history of the guy , Thank you for any help
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Help needed with USMC dog tags   Help needed with USMC dog tags  

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    Vietnam era. The details show that he's had both tetanus injections (the S proves he's had the second toxoid one). Blood group O. Religion Jewish. Glad you rescued them from the rubbish.

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    Thats great thank you

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    You can submit an FOIA request to the National Archives in Saint it's been less than 62 years since he left service, the can't provide his record, but they will provide a list of awards, campaigns, and xerox of official photo if on file

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    I don't think that's what the S means. Former Marine here from the 90's, our dog tags were identical to these, and the S stands for Small Gas mask. there was M and L for Medium and Large. In the event you were unconscious they would know which one to put on your face so it fits properly. I doubt they would stamp a detailed medical designator such as what type of shot you were getting on the dog tag as you get so many injections and shots, and things change there would be too many variations and issuances of dog tags if they did that.

    Once your tags are issued you never get new ones as the info on them would never change. So in sum, 99.99% sure the S is for Small Gas Mask.

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    Yes you’re correct, the S does refer to respirator sizes, this was added to tags from sometime between 1969 and 1972. Apologies for the earlier bit of misinformation.

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    No worries, that's what makes this forum so great, folks chipping in with knowledge and information that expands our collective knowledge base and passion for collecting. I've been helped so much just lurking on here over the years that I'll try and help pay it forward when I can.

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    It’s mentioned in Paul Braddocks, dog tag book, no idea why I said it was tetanus, brain fade..

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    Talk about brain fade, I was recently going through a couple boxes and found another set of my old tags, my first ones issued in boot camp had a 'M' on it and I totally forgot about those... but that's why I knew what the letters meant, I just forgot it happened to me lol. If it helps anyone, here are 3 different sets of tags I have, the ones on the right are the first issue from boot camp with the wrong gas mask size. The ones on the left have the correct size but there's two different impressions (and I can't remember why so I must have gotten yet another replacement set for lost ones). I'm also allergic to Penicillin so they issue these red tags for medical issues that the corpman or hospital need to know in the event of emergency, the red one was issued right out of boot camp as well.

    Note how sloppy the two bottom ones on the left are, no longer Roman Catholic just Catholic, and it's stamped on the wrong side of the tag...that's what you get once in the fleet (suck it up buttercup)! So I wore the ugly stamped one in my left boot laces and the others around my neck.

    Help needed with USMC dog tags

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