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service regord - Queens Gurkha officer

Article about: hello...i picked up a couple of miniature british medal bars and one was "attributed" to someone and came with copies of his Officers service records.... some basic details - Kalam

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    Default service regord - Queens Gurkha officer

    hello...i picked up a couple of miniature british medal bars and one was "attributed" to someone and came with copies of his Officers service records....

    some basic details -

    Kalambahadur Sahi - Nepalese

    born Nov 25 1925
    enlisted Nov 25 1943 on his 18th birthday
    served with the 2nd Gurkha Regiment which was transferred to the British Army in 1948
    promoted to Lt in 1962
    served in Malaya, Borneo and Hong Kong
    retired in 1967

    what I am trying to figure out is where he was during WW2 - there is a notation in his officers file which I have included below, it notes his Indian Arny service and then his British service after the 1948 transfer, perhaps advise to any portal/website where I could perhaps do some more research(I've already done the Ancestry route)...

    thanks for any input !!!

    service regord - Queens Gurkha officer

    his enlisted service notes
    service regord - Queens Gurkha officer

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    Curious that he enlisted in 1943 at age 18, yet , if this is his full medal entitlement, his only WWII era medal is the War Medal, awarded to anyone who served at least 28 days between 1939 and 1945. It would seem he should have at least also recieved the Defence Medal, issued for at least one year's service in a non-operational area, including India.
    Many Gurkhas were quite young and it seems strange he didn't see any action between 1943 and 1945. The 2GR served in Malaya, Burma, North Africa, and Italy.
    Certainly a subject for further research.


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    Bob, thanks for the input....I couldn't find much on the 2nd Gurkha battalion other than a note that most of the 2nd battalion was captured by the Japanese in Malaya and interred for the duration of the war....this would have been when it was associated with the British Indian Army....so, I am wondering if the lack of action was due to capture.....David
    Last edited by KatManDude; 09-28-2022 at 02:35 PM. Reason: clarifying that it is the 2nd battalion of the 2nd Gurkha regiment
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    The 2nd battalion was captured ar Singapore, but the other regular battalion, the 1st, served in the Middle East, North Africa, Italy and Greece.
    There were also two war-raised battalions, the 3rd & 4th , that served mainly in Burma
    If he was captured at Singapore, he would have been entitled to the 1939-45 Star and the Pacific Star, but he didn't enlist until 1943, so that is impossible.
    A real puzzle.


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