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Victory Bell

Article about: Not sure where this fits ,.. didnt see a category in the Allied section here for this sort of thing? ... one of those items I guess there is know way of really knowing if it is smelted from

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    Default Re: Victory Bell

    Nice one Mick, almost identical except for the top edge being "blunter" on your's ... and mine also differs as one of the kids thought it ok to scratch around above writing on the base with a compass-point ... gawd bless-em (I sure wont) :P

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    Default Re: Victory Bell

    In the photo on page 1 is an Iron Cross a mate gave me a few years back.... Ive been browsing through the IC threads on the forum for the last hour or so, what a wealth of info ... I have looked with a "loop" at the suspension ring, it has several "marks" on it , cant make out the second but the first mark is a % ... not full "rings" of course but 2 "dots" with the bar on an angle just like the "percentage" sign ... have not come across this in the other info Ive read ... can anyone tell me if that mark was actually used by any of the manufacturers? thanks.

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    Default Re: Victory Bell

    The % sign I see now is actually a numeral "2" ... and it looks like a small 4 next to it , I'll see if I can get a photograph

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    Default Victory Bell 1939-45. Cast from shot down German aircraft.

    I have a couple of them, one pretty shiny and one as it came with a matt patina. They came from my late father's militaria collection. One has an inscription inside saying it was presented to a WO Macpherson of 1769 Squadron ATC in 1945.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Victory Bell   Victory Bell  

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    Very nice ,I must get myself one of these , I've noticed the price seems to be rising as with every thing else, regards Paul

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    Default Victory Bell 1939-45. Cast from shot down German aircraft.

    Quote by paulscoot View Post
    Very nice ,I must get myself one of these , I've noticed the price seems to be rising as with every thing else, regards Paul
    I am selling the one you liked. I have another and one is enough for me.

    It's in the classified ads, I forget how much I asked but always allow a little for offers.

    It's in excellent nick and sounds OK on the ringing front as well.

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    I was surprised to see Stalin's portrait on the bell. I really don't know what the general attitude toward the Soviet Union was during the war, I only know what family members of my parent's generation said. They believed the Soviets were at least as bad as the Nazis, probably worse. Some, but by no means all thought that we had to accept them as co belligerents in order to minimize American casualties, but it is hard to imagine why anybody would put Stalin's portrait on something made after the victory, when Soviet help was no longer needed. This may have been only the attitude of my family, or it may have been common in America.

    When I was a child I knew an old man who had come to America from the Russian Empire in 1914. He said he was put in jail in WWII because he expressed sympathy for the Communists, and it was therefore thought that he was an enemy agent. He was released the next day because all he did was exercise his free speech, and the Soviet Union was technically on our side.

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    The Big Three.

    Victory Bell

    You'll have to read a little history to understand the thinking of the time. But it was an alliance of convenience, even necessity to defeat Hitler. And in Britain there would have been a reasonable amount of public support to help the Soviet Union after Hitler changed course from invasion of Great Britain and instead invaded the Soviet Union. Remember also all those Royal Navy Arctic convoys taking supplies to the Russians, aircraft, tanks etc.
    And of course the victory bell wasn't really an officially produced item, it was primarily a fundraiser for welfare of wounded veterans. But then shortly after Churchill made his "an iron curtain has descended on Europe" speech. The game changed.
    History makes strange bedfellows sometimes.

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