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Goldenes HJ-Ehrenzeichen mit Eichenlaubrand

Article about: Could you please give me feedback about originality ?

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    Default Goldenes HJ-Ehrenzeichen mit Eichenlaubrand

    Could you please give me feedback about originality ?

    Goldenes HJ-Ehrenzeichen mit Eichenlaubrand
    Goldenes HJ-Ehrenzeichen mit Eichenlaubrand

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    Circuit advertisement Goldenes HJ-Ehrenzeichen mit Eichenlaubrand
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    It's certainly not the version of the badge that was actually awarded. They were made of gold and were not serialised in the way that the standard HJ honour badge was. The only thing it "could" be is a so-called "dress copy" but there is no proof that such things existed during the TR. Christopher Ailsby tried and failed to make a case for them here some years back:

    Christopher Ailsby and the Golden HJ Honour Badge with Oak leaves. | The Hitler Youth Militaria and Research Forum

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    100% Fake

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