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HJ shoulder board

Article about: Greetings all, I scooped this shoulder board from a well-known reputable dealer. I am putting it up for sale & decided I should vet it before selling it to someone else. Any feedback wou

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    Default HJ shoulder board

    Greetings all, I scooped this shoulder board from a well-known reputable dealer. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
    HJ shoulder board
    HJ shoulder board
    HJ shoulder board
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    I put this shoulder board under a black light to see what the RZM tag did & it glowed. Assuming the RZM tag is a post war addition, what should I think of the shoulder board it's self? It appears to be an original example when compared to other known examples but I feel as though it would be an easy item to reproduce. Should I write this shoulder board off as a repro or simply an original w/ an unoriginal RZM tag?

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    Hello I wish I could be of more assistance, meaning I m not familiar enough with shoulder boards to give a definitive opinion. But for me it looks to be a nice period item, the material and overall appearance is very similar to posted examples from Wim Saris s HJ handbook and another example I will include from collectors guild. I personally wouldn't put alot of stock in the blacklight test, especially on paper iteme, by most testimonies you ll read on here in regards to blacklight tests are that they are inconclusive at best. I actually like the tag as well. Hopefully others can chime in. Kindest regards.


    HJ shoulder boardHJ shoulder boardHJ shoulder board

    And also for comparison

    The Collector's Guild

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    @Brian, as you mentioned, it definitely looks like a period original to me & it came straight from Dan Griffin of Griffin Militaria which has a stellar reputation as everyone already knows. The only thing that irritates me is the RZM tag. I just hope the black light test was a false positive which is certainly in the realm of possibility. I had planned to sell the shoulder board before I did the black light test so that's why I am bothered by the RZM tag. I just don't want to pass it off to someone else if it's not legit. I'll probably post it below value & that will more than make-up for the RZM tag since the shoulder board it's self certainly looks original.

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    I don t know that this helps in regards to the black light questions or not? But here are two tagged armbands from my collection with their respective tags under the light. See if it compares to the results you ve observed. Again imo the tag looks good but hopefully this helps? Best regards.


    HJ shoulder boardHJ shoulder board

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    Only the red lettering on my RZM tag glows. The white part of the tag doesn't but it's also discolored so i'm not sure what the deal is. I compared it to another RZM tag on a HJ district triangle I have & that RZM didn't glow at all even thought it's a 100% mint non-discolored tag. I'll get black light photos of my RZM tag & post 'em so you can take a peek

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