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Article about: Good morning guys, I took a gamble on this from ebay and wanted to see what you guys thought. I've always had a curiosity with these but never wanted to pay the price(for what people usual a

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    Hey B.B. very nicely put. Check this out! I called Ebay once to see if my listing would be pulled due to its bearing. I spoke to a supervisor, and got the okay to list for it didn't bear a swaz. It was pulled within 24hrs. So your observations is spot on for one hand definitely doesn't know what the other is doing on EBay. I'm actually glad this blade gotten through the "EBay Gestapo "

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    Usually it's all in the wording of the listing. Anything with certain words in the title is likely to get flagged by the system. It's common to see things like bayonets and daggers listed as 'letter openers' on eBay UK, for example. Most of it is luck, really. I've bought plenty of German items from eBay despite the ban, including medals and identity documents bearing large visible swastikas.

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    Interesting perception for I see as the category listing I. E. WW2 German then medals for example. Thus it gives the EBay cop a category to peruse

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    Good Points Gents on the ebay police ...its a hard work around anymore with nanny laws and hiding history.
    They are doing more damage than help......yes a little off track also.

    The worse part is that if you hide history..then you deny it happened ( Denier ) .

    ...but back to the topic at hand..Im seeing a messed with grip with a hardened glob of adhesive in the diamond recess.
    This may have been poorly glued in and the diamond finally fell out.
    Any thoughts on the assumed verdigris ?

    Regards Larry
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    A nice early JA Henckels HJ. Looks like it has had some cleaning, but not extreme. This is quite an interesting one as it has the early thin blade but also a narrow ricasso. Most manufacturers of the early 1933-36 type we see the blade with a bulbed extension at the base of the blade, near the crossguard. This seems to have been solely for holding the leather stopper in place. So it would interesting to date this feature, was it early 1933 or before?

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    Not a bad find for 90 USD shipped, I think.

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    I agree. It might be worth trying to find an early HJ diamond to fit. You'll need to see if you can clean up the gunk or glue already in the diamond recess, but a careful gluing in place of an authentic badge will lift it's value. Leave the scabbard as is.

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