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Imperial ribbon bar - question

Article about: Hello, what kind of medals was mounted on those 4 places imperial ribbon bar? Is it original or fantasy piece? Thanks in advance! Regards Michael

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    one note: take a close look on back of my ribbon bar-one of medal's hook was broken, and it looks like that medal on those place was secured by black thread.
    So could it mean that those ribbon bar was heavy used?

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    Hello again Michael (and rest of forum members). The truth is that you have made me think a lot about your Feldschnalle.

    And I have found several possible combinations that can make you think that your old style ribbon bar could be authentic

    Of course, thousands of men were able to receive various decorations from the Kingdom of Saxony. And I have even found a perfect example

    Imperial ribbon bar - question

    Iron Cross 2nd Class, 1914
    Order of Albrecht - Knight's Cross 1st Class with swords
    Order of Albrecht - Knight's Cross 2nd Class
    Honor Cross of WWI.

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    Imperial ribbon bar - question

    It's a very interesting clue what you're saying, Michael. That's probably what it means

    Imperial ribbon bar - question

    Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse 1914
    Albrechtsorden Albrechtskreuz mit Schwertern (2. Form)
    Ehrenkreuz des Weltkrieges Frontkämpferkreuz
    Dienstauszeichnung 1. Klasse für Unteroffiziere 1913
    Dienstauszeichnung 3. Klasse für 9 Jahre Bronzene Medaille 1878

    We can see more and more examples of men decorated by the Kingdom of Saxony with medals whose ribbons may be identical. the clearest example would be the previous one

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    In short, it could be a ribbon bar made up of the following ribbons of decorations:

    1. Saxony Kingdom: Order of Albrecht - Knight's Cross 1st Class with swords
    2. Gran Duchy of Baden Silberne Verdienstmedaille Friedrich I (1882-1908)
    3. Saxony Kingdom: Order of Albrecht - Knight's Cross 2nd Class
    4. German Empire: Centenary Medal 1897

    Now, the jeweler who assembled it had a certain aesthetic criteria, because he must have thought that putting together the two ribbons of the Order of Albrecht and then the ribbon of the Order of Baden and the Centenar Medaille, would not give a good result because the two identical yellow ribbons would visually look like a single ribbon.
    Instead, by placing them like this: Saxony - Baden - Saxony - Centenary; obtained an aesthetically striking result

    Imperial ribbon bar - question

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    With all this, I cannot tell you something definitive, since the great old-style Feldschnalle are not my specialty. But I can tell you that it could be a very logical solution to build a ribbon bar with those four ribbons that we have talked about.

    And if you got it from a reputable seller or even a garret auction of items that someone took home after the war, you might have a really good collector's item.
    I certainly wouldn't mind if it was mine.

    Hope I helped you Michael.


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    thank you very much for all the information and your time!
    It will probably always be a mystery to me - unless I find one day ribbon bar with similar ribbon layout.


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