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Kaiserzeit marine zeppelin abzeichen 1921

Article about: Has anyone any info about this award? I've seen others on the net, could this be an original?

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    Default Imperial Naval Zeppelin Pilot Badge

    Has anyone any info about this award?
    I've seen others on the net, could this be an original?

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    Default Re: Kaiserzeit marine zeppelin abzeichen 1921

    gerrit...nobody seems to be biting ! so although I shy away from these and pilots badges !, i'll give you my two pennies worth.....this award, the Zeppelin badge was authorised 1st September 1920 by the then Reichs defence minister, designed by "Walter Schot" he of the U-Boat badge design, and generally made by the "Juncker" and "Maybaur" firms, approx 600 were awarded. Two versions, Army without the "Crown" and Navel with a "Crown". These badges are rare, the Navel version more so, so they are heavily faked ! as far as I know they were of "Die-struck" manufacture (Silver). They were generally of a single stamped construction, but I have seen a genuine one with an attached crown (as on this badge).With this award, "Quality is everything".....with the badge shown, the quality/finish/detail just isnt there, it looks to be "Cast" (notice the "rough" reverse of the badge and high edge along its seam), , therfore in my opinion it is a fake. If real it would probably command a price of around $2000. Fakes and genuine ones have a variety of stampings, some genuine ones are not marked at all ! if you are not clued up, it is a minefield.
    Hope this helps, any knowledgable members feel free to elaborate....
    Prost ! Steve.

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    Default Re: Kaiserzeit marine zeppelin abzeichen 1921

    Thank you very much for the info about this award
    Awards are a minefield

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    Default Re: Kaiserzeit marine zeppelin abzeichen 1921

    I am afraid that this is a commonly seen fake. Apart from the poor quality, (this is a cast piece , the originals were always die struck ) the pin style is a givaway.There are a series of fakes around that all carry this type of pin. Pilot badges etc...
    The original badges should be struck in a buntmetal(brass/bronze) base metal and silver plated.There are solid silver examples around but they are rare and 9 times out of 10 should be treated with extreme caution. Detail on original badges should be reasonably good but not to the degree of a WW1 pilot badge. As already said original examples of these badges are very rare and unfortunately the market is flooded with fakes,some poor and some dangerously convincing ! Best advice ,find out what real ones look like before shedding out any cash. There are about 4 or so known types of make/style and many types of cruddy copies !! Tread carefully!

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    Default Re: Kaiserzeit marine zeppelin abzeichen 1921

    I agree with Steve and Ferg, a fake badge.
    And yes, awards can be a minefield........!


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