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M'15 Blouse

Article about: Greetings, I'm new to this forum. I've read many of the postings and I'm very impressed with the knowledge expressed. I'm a reformed collector, that is I have not truly added anything to my

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    Default M'15 Blouse

    Greetings, I'm new to this forum. I've read many of the postings and I'm very impressed with the knowledge expressed. I'm a reformed collector, that is I have not truly added anything to my collection in a good number of years. Most of my collection I've owned for over 40 years and over the year have sold more of it then I still have.

    I hope I don't make a pest of myself, but I do have a lot of questions about items I own. My first deals with my Model 1915 blouse. I purchased this blouse in 1965 and I'm pretty sure that it is not a fake (it still has tobacco crumbs in the pocket), but the back of the blouse is a little different from others I have seen. Also it appears that this blouse never had shoulder boards.

    The blouse is stamped B.A. XVI for 16th Army Corps and dated 1916. They are the only markings on it. There are 3 interior pockets, one on the right breast and two in the tails.

    I have posted some photos (cameras and I don't get along so please forgive there qualit

    M'15 BlouseM'15 BlouseM'15 BlouseM'15 BlouseM'15 BlouseM'15 Blousey).

    M'15 Blouse

    All in put is welcomed, Thank you

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    I think you have a nice Bluse that was civilianized postwar by the addition of the belted back.

    Shoulder Boards for the Bluse were sewn on the shoulder and not in the seam, so unless there are thread remnants you wont be able to tell if it had boards on or not.

    The exception to that rule were Bavarian Bluse's and yours is not one of those.

    Also in 1917 a cloth loop was added to the shoulders called a Schlaufe--It looks the pre-war loops to attach removable boards but weren't used for that purpose(although it did occur). Your Bluse was made and accepted in 1916.

    Since I believe your bluse has been civilianized the thread for the shoulder buttons and what was used for the shoulder boards were expertly eliminated.

    Hope This helps
    Joe Sweeney

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    Welcome to the forum.
    Live to ride -- Ride to live

    I was addicted to the "Hokey-Pokey" but I've turned
    myself around.

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    Thank you for the answer and the welcome. I was thinking along those lines, I believe it was worn as a smoking jacket, as all the pockets do have tobacco flakes in them. My next question is; to restore or not? I'm leaning toward restoring, back hook buttons do not appear that hard to come by. Just have to find some 100% cotton thread. If restored, I would have a nice piece of FG cloth and two extra blouse buttons.

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    Could some post a photo showing how the belt buttons are affixed to the blouse?
    Thank you

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    Hi aicusv, firstly apologies for late reply, I see Gregg has welcomed you to the Imperial German sub section of the forum, but welcome again from me !
    This is a superb condition M15 Bluse ! despite being "civilianised" which was common for discharged soldiers of the former Imperial army to do or they were adapted into the new Reischwehr with additions of breast pockets and other restore or not to restore, that is the question ! I go with the latter, restore.....all the parts,so to speak are available, unlike the jacket a good original M15 in good condition can cost over £2000 ! these days.....
    As for the missing rear belt ramp buttons and side belt supports, a good proffesional seamstress or tailor could perform the work, it is complicated and would involve opening up the lining.....these supports were reinforced kind of double layered, first applied to piece of cloth which in turn was applied to the jacket....I will try and find a diagram for you that will show it better than I can probably explain ! give me a few days to find.........the shoulder straps were as explained by Joe, especially by the Bavarians sewn by opening up the seam, the Prussians often tacked them on at the seam.....until the loop was added and removable straps were used.....I would also replace the pocket buttons with painted M15 rimless type buttons.
    There is no problem with the turn back cuffs missing as they were often removed either due to wear and to the fact that they filled up with mud !
    All in all an excellent tunic that has survived because of its conversion by its original owner into a smoking jacket.
    With a little outlay and work this could be returned to service !
    Here are some quick images courtesy of Johan Somers from his superb book on Imperial uniforms & equipment......
    Prost ! Steve.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture M'15 Blouse   M'15 Blouse  

    M'15 Blouse  

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    Found it ! go here this will help.... Fine-Tuning Your WWI German Uniform
    Prost ! Steve.

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    What you do with your Bluse in the end is up to you.

    If it were mine I would not touch it and would leave it alone--It has a story all its own. It's not one of the costume company many hack jobs.

    Some collectors such as myself will not bother with "Restored" uniforms.

    Its up to you in the end.

    Hatboro PA=-I live in Thomasville outside of York PA

    Take care,

    Joe Sweeney

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    Thank you gentlemen, I will give restoration some serious thought. At least I now know what was done to the jacket. The turned up cuffs are still there, they just didn't show up that well in the photos. Just saw a pair of side hooks and some non-rimed back hooks for sale. Surprised that you said to replace the rimed buttons, as I thought they were original to the uniform. Although everything I have read states they weren't used. Looking at Steve's photo it appears that the rear slit in my blouse may have been altered as well.

    Use to spend a good deal of time in and around York (many years back).

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    I checked out the tail of my blouse, it appears that there would be too much alteration required to restore the blouse. As the tail was closed up and material removed. There would not be enough original cloth in the belt to repair the tail. If I was to restore the blouse it would only have been with original pieces. So it will remain as is.

    Reading though the posting on trench knives ( in post#24 there is a close up photo of the pocket on a M'15, the button does appear to be a rimed type.

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