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M16 camo helmet with skull ?? Reall??

Article about: Hi everyone, What do you think. Real or fake?? Someone ever seen a skull on a helmet like this? Like to hear your opinion. Thanks Paul

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    ok apart from the rather art deco camouflage whats wrong with it might help me learn a bit? many thanks link attached below.. WWI GERMAN MODEL 1916 HELMET W/ ORIGINAL CAMOUFLAGE PAINT-ORIGINAL LINER-RARE | eBay

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    Hi Burty,

    It looks promising. I think the helmet is time period. The inside is the right color. But again, the photo's are to small and not sharp enough. The patina is the thing that can't be easily faked on a 100+ year old helmet. Maybe it's worth the gamble for this price. I cannot look into your wallet.

    Good luck,

    Cheers Paul

    By the way the chinstrap looks WW2

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    The original helmet posted to this thread is still for sale which is not surprising if you see the inside photos from eBay.

    I've also viewed the photos of the helmet that Burt posted above which in my opinion has been messed with. Much, much better photos required but from what I can see the liner looks like it has been out/replaced at some point as the rear pin is on the front left side. The application of the paint is strange and not typical of an original WW1 camo. When you zoom in all you get is a grainy blurred image like the one attached. Not the way to try judge an original camo and I would urge extreme caution before bidding on this helmet!

    M16 camo helmet with skull ?? Reall??

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    Thanks guys for all your help 'regimentals' has a few nice ones but not does Ratisbons..

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    I like the paintwork on that "art deco" camo M16. The pattern of wear looks "right" to me, with the original green showing under the camo that's partially worn away in just the way I've seen with original camos in the days when they weren't mega money. I think someone's tarted up a decent shell with riginal paintwork using a liner from a smaller helmet and an obviously later strap. If that were mine I'd have the liner and strap out, though I'm not sure I'd have wanted to pay that much just for a shell.

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