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Orginal WW1 M16 Stahlhelm?

Article about: Hello everyone, I haven't posted in a while but today I came across this helmet which sparked my interest. It's going for a very good price, but that also concerns me and the pictures provid

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    Quote by AndyM35 View Post
    Thanks Lucas. That’s a size 64 that has been depot refurbished. The one you can see to the right is a size 60 the smallest made. I just bought an M62 that has been depot refurbed and brush painted but it’s staying in Germany until the postal service goes back to normal. Here a pic below.

    By the way, glad you passed on this as I think you can do much better. BSR Militaria usually has a few good complete WW1 helmets for sale so worth checking out.
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    Yes I've been checking out BSR Militaria since your great recommendation. They've put some real bangers up for sale, I wonder if they'll ship to me though during these times?
    I was interested in this helmet because it was going for a really good price if original.

    Also that size 60 is really interesting looking from what I can see, did you give it it's own thread yet?
    (Also a very nice 62, making me jealous haha )


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    Hi Brett,

    The rivet I was referring to in my post was the front left liner band retaining rivet on the OP’s helmet which is a rear rivet. As Jim said it sometimes happens. I think you’re referring to the ventilations lugs. I’ve outlined the one I was talking about in the image below.

    The vent lugs are stepped to accommodate the different sized shells to fit the frontal shield which was also held with a leather strap.

    Orginal WW1 M16 Stahlhelm?

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    Hi Lucas,

    I think buying from anywhere right now would be OK but just very slow. You might want to ask them to hold the item for you. I haven’t posted the M16 size 60 yet but included it in a post I did of some of my feldgrau stuff. I’m still waiting for a photo booth to arrive. Imperial German Feldgrau Collection

    You’ll notice how deep the step is on the size 60 which was to accomodate the brow plate. Although the brow plates are generally associated with snipers and are relatively seen for sale. See below. Andy

    Orginal WW1 M16 Stahlhelm?

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    Hello Andy, I wasn't referring to the vent lugs. From what I have read, the rear rivet had a thicker head to stop the leather stirnpanzer strap from riding up the back of the helmet.

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    Ah OK. Sorry Brett , thought you were talking about the OP’s helmet. Well that makes sense as to the raised rear rivet. Never knew that but did wonder. Thanks!

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