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Is this an original WWI Other Ranks 1895 Pickelhaube

Article about: Hi, nice looking Pickelhaube for sale near me & I thought best to post it here for opinion on originality. Kind Regards, Alexander.

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    Jim, it was the ‘Rommel Style’ lightweight parade helmet. You commented on it last week.

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    And it appears someone possibly from the forum went & bought it after all but it wasn’t me.

    That Pickelhaube had been sitting for a long time as well as they tend to do.

    I think I would prefer to pay extra for one in better condition with a nice patina but I can’t be sure, I was in the process of arranging a viewing for this before it sold.

    I see this one coming on the market again soon though, not one people seem happy to keep in their collection.

    No matter how many times I look at the pictures the new look to the brass parts doesn’t sit right with me. I agree with the experts here that the shell is ligit. But for me the brass parts look newer than any Originals I’ve seen tbh.

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    I doubt it is someone from this forum. If so, that is very poor form.

    But your concerns are valid based on the photos provided. There were unanswered questions IMHO. And while the shell appears to be original, it has, IMO been overly cleaned and now appears to be unbalanced thus losing some of its desirability.

    Nothing wrong with having this on the shelf at the right price but I think your quest to find one in better condition without what appears to be a poor attempt of over polishing is a wise move.
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    This helmet looks fine, just a little over polished and the cockades are either repaints or repros.

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