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Remember The Soldiers!

Article about: I thought I would kick D-day off with a flömarkt so I went to the only one in my area today and started looking around. After an hour or two I didnt find anything worth jumping at and was on

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    Default Remember The Soldiers!

    I thought I would kick D-day off with a flömarkt so I went to the only one in my area today and started looking around. After an hour or two I didnt find anything worth jumping at and was on my way back to the car when I passed this picture for the second time and after closer inspection I decided to ask the dreaded question of how much? I mean dreaded because so many people want 60 or so euro for a framed picture so over time I just stopped asking. But this one is different. Im writing with some emotion because upon my recent return from Iraq we lost 6 guys total in my Brigade. This is a small number compared to other deployments but their sacrifice is no lesser. I dont have the words. Its up to Soldiers to remember Soldiers because you cant relly on others to remember. I assume this picture was made by a reletive as it reads Gestorben für´s Vaterland bei Anloy am 22 August 1914. ( died for fatherland in Anloy) Under the picture is his name, city, and street address. Gebr. Strauss was in the 116 Infantry Reg from Hessen. He was from Geissen. I live in Hessen and actually not far from Geissen so this is a very interesting peice of history and more importantly a testomony of the Soldiers who gave their lives for their Fatherland. Im going to do some more research on him but couldnt wait to share this with you all. Lee
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Remember The Soldiers!   Remember The Soldiers!  

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    Nice tribute to a family member no doubt done by the ladies of the house?

    Different times now with regards to sacrifice, I think though in those days war was simpler affair and a clear common national goal was the aim of the day.

    Less so these days!?



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    Alway Remember!
    I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your Comrade's!

    Semper Fi!

    Thanks for sharing pic's of your find.

    Is a flomarkt like a swapmeet/flea market?

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    Is a flomarkt like a swapmeet/flea market?

    Its a flee market. Lots of crap but sometimes you find a jewel. Thanks guys. Regards Lee

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    leej11....Stunning piece, would grace any collection, it has certainly made sure that particular soldat is remembered, and quite rightly so!....I have all the information you need, regarding the mornings events at Anloy on 22nd August 1914, as I researched the 'Battle of the frontiers' last year, if you want me to post let me know, as I do not wish to 'rain on your parade' so to speak, if you wish to do your own research.

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    Oh no! Please post! I was trying to find out more information on this Soldier and the battle but I dont mix well with google and the like. Any info you can share is more than welcome! Im glad you like it! I cant wait to hang this one up. It has a purmanent place in my collection. Regards Lee

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    leej11, can you give me his full name (Gebr. means 'brother') and other personal deatails, date of birth if given, any mention of resting place?

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    leej11, your soldier is from the 'Infanterie-Regt. Kaiser Wilhelm (2 Grossherzoglich Hessisches) Nr 116, garrisoned at Giessen, and part of Armee Korps XVIII. In the photo, he wears his pre-war 'Dunkelblau' Waffenrock, with its distinctive white panelled 'Brandenburg' cuff amd white shoulder straps with red cypher, he would be wearing the distinctive 'Hessian' belt buckle, the 'Hesse crown' motif on a plain brass buckle,he also appears to be wearing a marksmanship lanyard. In August 1914, J.R.116 was part of the 49th Infantry Brigade, which in turn was attached to the 25th Infantry Division (also known as the 'Hessian Grand Ducal Division'), this being part of the 4th Army, this army was commanded by Generaloberst Archduke Albrecht von Wurttemberg. J.R.116 was commanded by Oberst Paul Schimmelpfennig. Between 18-20th August the Regiment advanced through Luxembourg and into Belgium through the wooded/forested Ardennes region, at this early stage, it was a war of meeting engagements, that is when the two sides are moving, usually in converging paths/directions of march and make contact and battle commences, old fashion type warfare, no trenches or barbwire yet ! On the morning of the 22nd August the Regiment together with J.R.115 (its sister regt, also Hessian, in the 25th Division) found itself as part of the 49th Infantry Brigade at Glaireuse, at the southern tip of the Belgian Ardennes near to the French border, at 1100hrs it was ordered to take the high ground west of Anloy. The initial objective was Bournon Bois-Anloy, J.R.115 was deployed to the right and J.R.116 to the left, the Lesse, a small river was crossed at 1300hrs, the regiment marched with two Battalions on line and one as a reserve (German Regiments at this time had three Battalions), they reached their objective without contact with the French. Three French army Brigades faced the 25th Division, they were outnumbered 3 to 1 in infantry and 5 to 3 in artillery. To the Brigades right, J.R.115 attacked a French infantry line and artillery positions that were now pouring fire into the 49th Brigade, and then J.R.116 moved off to the Brigades left, they were about 400m when the French troops opened fire, being invisible it was impossible to return accurate fire, never the less the Regiment attacked, throwing the enemy out of the wheat fields and furrows in a series of assaults, the right flank of the regiment advanced ' at headlong pace' according to one officer. At this point the enemy counter-attacked and at first, J.R.116 fell back, but the upper hand was regained by a machine gun platoon and a pioneer company, this was when 100 stragglers were rallyed by the adjutant of the II Battalion, and another counter-attack was thrown back. I Battalion J.R.116 moved to cover the Divisions left flank, and as it emerged out of a sunken road SW of Anloy they took heavy fire, they deployed in squads and advanced in the wheat fields again, against an invisible French force. At 1600hrs the French attacked with several Battalions supported by artillery, which Field Artillery Regt 61 managed to silence before a shot was fired at a range of over 2500m, it then at 1600m fired upon the French infantry. J.R.116 machine guns were vital in the ongoing defence against this attack, which was turned when an officer of the regiment personally ordered two field artillery guns from F.A.R. 61 to be set up on the right flank, these caused heavy casualties amongst the French. J.R.116 continued to advance and take ground often in hand to hand fighting. The French Divisions/Brigades of Infantry, of which, elements were fighting J.R.116, collapsed leaving a token force, it began a retreat.This battle was one of hundreds going on at around this date, from the Belgian to the Swiss border, known as 'The battle of the frontiers'. During thes actions I have described your soldat 'Strauss' lost his life, as did many, final casualty figures for this day of action for J.R.116 was, 13 officers and 340 men were killed in action, 20 officers and 599 men wounded in action and 72 missing in action. Brings it home doesnt it !
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    Another Great Job oradour!

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    Default Re: Remember The Soldiers!

    A short video i made:

    YouTube - D-day 6. June 1944

    Music is gone though

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