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Uniform ID help needed

Article about: Hi folks, This appears to be an Imperial era uniform. It belongs to a friend who picked it up while living in Germany post war. I do not know enough about this period and request some help i

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    Default Uniform ID help needed

    Hi folks, This appears to be an Imperial era uniform. It belongs to a friend who picked it up while living in Germany post war. I do not know enough about this period and request some help identifying it. Thanks in advance. Neil

    Uniform ID help needed

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    Need better photos, need to see the shoulder strap and the cuff. The shoulder strap appears to be a crown over a W (no numeral). Are the uniform and cap a set or did someone just put the cap with it?

    Rank appears to be for an Unteroffizier (corporal).

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    Photos of cuff, rear, interior and a marking inside the Bluse. The inscription is hard to make out but I see what may be 14. Inf. Reg. 9 ???? R.W. tragbar. Asking for more photos. The back story is the owner lived with family in post war Germany. There were still ruins of buildings around at the time and lots of militaria up for grabs. He collected quite a bit as a youngster including some items I purchased that have been posted here. The cap may or may not be part of the uniform. NH

    Uniform ID help neededUniform ID help neededUniform ID help neededUniform ID help needed

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    Shoulder board close up.

    Uniform ID help needed

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    Could you throw some dates at us and towns where the man stayed? I presume you mean Post-WWII and your friend a vet of that war, not a WWI vet you kew decades ago.

    14IR, 9. Kompagnie appears Bavarian, anbd the cipher may be k.b. 6.IR,Bavarian 6th Inf. Regt.

    R.W. Tragbar is a coding system for quality of the uniform. "tragbar" means "wearable" but not sure of the "R.W." Typically you see a Roman numeral for the grade to denote class of use.

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    Neither JR14, nor Bavarian 14 IR wore a monogram shoulder board. I'm going to have agree with Grausig13 about Bavarian 6 IR (Kgl. Bayer. 6. Infanterie-Regt. Kaiser Wilhelm, König von Preußen (Amberg) III Bayer. Armee Korps). Although I don't have descriptions of Bavarian boards 6IR did have a monogram and your uniform have an imperial crown over a W (this would represent Kaiser Wihelm). The cuff is a Brandenburg with the vertical panel piped in yellow, this correct for 6IR.
    The cap does not go with this uniform, the land kokard is Prussian and both are office grade. Although it does not appear so in the photos I'm assuming the cap is a darker blue than the uniform.

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    Thanks for the feedback. The owner tells me the uniform was picked up while he was living in Munich during the early 1960s. A Bavarian uniform coming out of the woodwork there certainly makes sense. The cap does not match the uniform - the photo was kind of a mixed bag so to speak. I will see if we can get a separate post of the cap and the box. NH

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    To confirm; this is an 1895 model Preußen style Waffenrock. It carries the red Waffenfarbe on the collar and cuff for infantry with Brandenburg cuff style with Army Corps piping in yellow for the rank of Unteroffizier. The shoulder straps and other details indicate it is from Kgl. Bayer. 6. IR as mentioned. Thank you for the input! Neil

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    Not to be picky, but I would not use the term Preußen at all in the description of this piece. Other than that your description is correct. It is a little difficult to comprehend particularly being use to dealing with the German Army of the TR period. But, the Bavarian army was separate from the German Army at this time.

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    ^Thanks. Der Rittmeister described the style as Preußen. That may be more of a collector's term. I will change it to Bavarian Waffenrock. Thanks to all. Neil

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