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Help needed about uniform.

Article about: I've my wifes father pic on uniform. I dont know if Polish or Russien. Can u hekp?

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    Default Help needed about uniform.

    I've my wifes father pic on uniform. I dont know if Polish or Russien. Can u hekp?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Help needed about uniform.  

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    Hello Moshe,

    Not Polish. Best wishes in your search for information.

    All thoughts and opinions expressed are those of my own and should not be mistaken for medical and/or legal advice.

    "Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from yesterday." - John Wayne

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    Hi, and welcome!

    I think it is Russian.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Shalom and welcome,its Russian as Ade said might be Cavellry.

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    Thank you for now.
    What is clear is that the young man on the right is my wife's grandfather. He was born in Warsaw, Poland. There he married and had a son in 1920. It is my wife's father. Argentina documents confirm this.

    At first I was going in search of the uniform. According to his uniform and his uncle standing on the left, I think he was a school cadets. These are not combat troops. At least for the outfit and the lack of weapons.

    According to the history of Poland in 1904 were still wars between Austro-Hungarians and Russians for control of Poland. In 1918 Russian-controlled eastern Poland to the outskirts of Warsaw.

    Until now I have watched several thousand images of uniforms online. I found out that the white hat typical of Russia, while the jacket with buttons line is very characteristic Austria-Hungary. Even boots.

    However I learned that a Polish officer named Joseph Wissotsky organized Polish Jewish fighters reserve in 1908. That is still the Austro-Hungarian influence with Russian control.

    After all this, I ask if anyone encountered this outfit? This hat made of wool? The form of buttons on the jacket? In his pants going into the boots? Even the buckle of the belt appears to be unique.

    So far, many thanks and I continue to expect tens of thousands of images on the Web.

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    My dear friends,

    After a huge search the internet I was able to understand why it was so hard to find these uniforms. The army used them was total 5 years, from 1917 to 1922, western Russia, on the border of Poland.

    I learned that these uniforms were Lenin's secret police, the Cheka. Already, I say: Do not believe the stories they tell you about that police brutality. There are a number of British writers who did extensive research into the Cheka, where it was determined that not everything claimed Cheka true at all. This is a book of 400 pages and only now I started to read (a book on Google).

    What is clear is that the Cheka, led by first commander, were responsible for the elimination of the Czar Nicholas. It's obvious. On the other hand, the image I have raised is that of the Cheka troops in Warsaw in 1918, after which Russia has been withdrawn from Poland.

    Investigation I conducted in the family brought that the young soldier, right, my wife's grandfather, was the Cheka Youth Brigades in Poland under Russian rule. His uncle, left, was his guide.

    When it-grandfather came to Argentina in 1922, he was mental illness and died from it in 1925. It turned out that it was caused by the paradox it is a change of government in Poland, where in 1917 he was Russian against Poles and in 1919 he was a Pole and fought against the Russians. In the end, everyone was so alive, would go crazy.

    Still, if any of you know anything more about the Cheka in Poland, I would love to have all the information.

    Many thanks friends.

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