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Imperial busby

Article about: Sorry if not right forum But help needed with this imperial busby

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    Default Imperial busby

    Sorry if not right forum

    But help needed with this imperial busbyImperial busbyImperial busbyImperial busbyImperial busby

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    I can't help, but it looks real nice.

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    Wish I could help but I have absolutely ZERO experience with these.
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    Interior shots are needed as well.

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    Looks as if was ostensibly to be viewed as an Imperial Guards artillery unit, but the details are wrong.
    The only guard artillery unit that wore a busby was the 6th Don Battery, who wore a cossack like uniform.
    However, the Guards badge was much smaller and no crossed cannon was worn. Also, the plume was on the left side of the busby, not in front as on this one.
    Put together fantasy piece, IMHO.


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    Absolutely fantasy headdress based on some theater or foreign busby with few possibly original Russian elements added.

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    Possibly Hollywood prop.

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