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Russian ingenuity!

Article about: Those Russians sure were ingenious!

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    Default Russian ingenuity!

    Those Russians sure were ingenious!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Russian ingenuity!  

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    Default Re: Russian ingenuity!

    i think its for movie

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    Default Re: Russian ingenuity!

    Actually I believe its an ww1 pilot/gunner trainer. Ive seen pictures of a simular arrangement for training pilots.

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    Default Re: Russian ingenuity!

    Hi Packin9

    Wouldn't this be very heavy to hold for the guy on the left?


    Nick VR

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    Default Re: Russian ingenuity!

    I think it has somthing whit the balance to do, the mann is sitting right on the feet of this thing, and the guy that holds it, is about 2meter's behind, I dont think it very heavy for him to hold. But if he has to stay there all day I think he will get some long limbs!!

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    Default Re: Russian ingenuity!

    The lever is so long that I dont think its a problem.

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    Default Re: Russian ingenuity!

    Training for aerial combat? Gunnery,the up and down,side to side movement of the plane etc. Still interesting.

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    Default Re: Russian ingenuity!

    Have to agree with those that say it's for training aerial gunnery.....probably fairly accurate way to train, not to mention cheap to build.

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    Default Re: Russian ingenuity!

    A training tactic for sure. Even if he can't lift to man/machine gun very's the effect of motion that would be what they are working on.
    Cool pic.....I too would think ww1.


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    Default Re: Russian ingenuity!

    Right, WW1 era air gunner training...or perhaps a catapult for making his comrad airborne to fire as he flew over enemy trenches. The problem was retrieving the man and gun for the next volley.

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