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Infanterie Sturmabzeichen

Article about: Hello people! Tell me please, is this an original award?

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    Default Infanterie Sturmabzeichen

    Hello people! Tell me please, is this an original award?Infanterie SturmabzeichenInfanterie Sturmabzeichen

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    I don't know much about these badges but it looks remarkably like a fake based upon a Schickle going by the pattern of the acorn cups and other details on the eagle and rifle.
    See the thread below:

    Infanterie sturmabzichen check please

    Hopefully some more knowledgeable members can confirm.

    Looking for LDO marked EK2s and items relating to U-406.....

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    I have to agree with Adrian, this one is a fake.
    Searching for anything relating to, Anton Boos, 934 Stamm. Kp. Pz. Erz. Abt. 7, 3 Kompanie, Panzer-Regiment 2, 16th Panzer-Division (My father)

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    Defo fake Shickle type nearly got stung with a mint one of these, luckily i did my research & compared it with my L/18 schickle /mayer . I even informed the dealer but to no avail (he said mine was the fake lol) Regards Paul
    I see in the link that i informed Oberhaig that his one was an original, At the time that was my believe & i apologise for this miss information i did not see Fischers reply at the time. Your always learning in this hobby which makes it so interesting.

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    Can only agree with what the others have old, but dangerous fake.

    Best Regards, fischer

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