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Can anybody help me out with this US flag with safety pins?

Article about: Dear forum members! I could use your valued opinion on this 48 star US flag with safety pin I have. I have had this for about 2 years now and I decided to ask you as I am not quite sure. Is

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    Apologies for not getting back to you sooner..

    The safety pins look to be from the WW2 era,, If you can find a medical kit or a sewing kit from WW2 that has been untouched, you may be able to compare the safety pins in those kits to the ones you have on the flag. It was not uncommon for the invasion flags to be pinned on the uniforms using safety pins in medical kits as well as sewing kits.. Many of the Soldiers carried "housewives" AKA sewing kits and these types of pins would have been amongst the various needles, threads and buttons...

    Medical kits would have had these safety pins as well and were used for various field expedient uses to include securing cravats and in some cases field expedient stitches where they were used to close large wounds due to prolonged evacuation times... I would venture to say though that the safety pins came from a sewing kit as medical personnel tried to gather as much extra supplies as possible since they only carried limited supplies to begin with...


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    No problem at all Smitty! Thank you for your reply. Next goal: find an untouched medical kit or sewing kit! Hahah I will keep you posted. Have a great day and stay safe!


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    Hi Smitty I am looking at some US sewing kits from WW2 online and each and everyone of the safety pins are 100% indentical to the ones on my flag.

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    The 48 star flag was around until 1959 with the additions of Alaska and Hawaii as the 49th and 50th states.

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    Thank you SF46!

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    Probably just a small printed parade flag with two safety pins attached.

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    Thank you for your comment tburdinmas!

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    When I collected US Airborne, here was my collection of genuine flags for D-Day and Arnhem. The middle left is a later period.

    I too have seen lots of little flags removed from sticks being tauted as "Invasion Flags", but they seemed to always have the marks from the staples, and often it was a rusty area on the flag.

    Be very careful, and especially if they are asking BIG bucks. My true D-Day 82nd Invasion flag center right was a very thin gauze type material, and they are hard to come by and not cheap. the Arnhem flags were a little reasonable back then - the early 2000's.


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    Wow impressie collection Terry! Thank you for sharing! My flag has no staple holes in it and it does not light up under black light. I have hade the flag in my collection for a few years now. And thank you also for the comment on my Airborne patch! I have so much help from forum member Phill Lockett. He is helping me build my collection! Have a great day and stay safe!



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