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Help with CBI Flag Stamps

Article about: Hi Guys,I was hoping to get some help with a translation of the stamps on a flag I just picked up. Im curious to know the details.Any help appreciated. Regards,Geoff

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    Last edited by Geoff Ward; 04-11-2021 at 11:56 PM. Reason: Duplicate

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    Thanks to all for the effort! Perhaps down the rd something will pop up!

    I appreciate all the efforts!


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    hey! I'm a Chinese. This flag is the national flat of the Republic of China (R.O.C 1911----1949), its name is 青天白日满地红旗(means the flag of “A great nation with a white sun in the blue sky") the word in the first picture is“伍號”(it's just a serial number , means No.5). However the seal in the second picture I can't recognize clearly its mean maybe is "the Concession of the center of Chinese Kuomintang (中国国民党)”

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    well the NRA was commanded by the National Government of the Republic of China.the national format the NRA in order to against the aggression of the Japanese army.

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    Hello and welcome to the forum Uranaishi ! Thank you so much for your help! I know you will enjoy the forum there are many here who who are willing to help and always something new to learn about!


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