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Royal Ulster Rifles 1st glider Battalion cap badge

Article about: Hi guys, appreciate a second opinion on this. many thanks in advance!

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    Are the two stirling silver marked examples foreign made rather than Uk which would need to have hallmarks on them?


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Quote by Jerry B View Post
    Are the two stirling silver marked examples foreign made rather than Uk which would need to have hallmarks on them?
    Possibly true Jerry, just found this:
    "American and Canadian made sterling silver will be marked with the word "Sterling" or some variation of the .925 marking such as 925/1000 or simply 925. Some old Irish silver is also marked with the word sterling, however that marking ceased to be officially used in Great Britain centuries ago"

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    I have a Boer war period 17th Lancers skull badge from a sun helmet and that is marked S.Sil. and is probably overseas made. Most British silver should be hallmarked and has been for 100's of years, though sometimes very small items are not so marked.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    anomalies abound with the marking of silver. man goes into an outfitters to buy a cap badge. the gentleman behind the counter shows the man two identical silver badges, except for the fact that one is assayed as silver and the other is sans stampings etc. the plain one is cheaper ! until proven otherwise it is a safe bet that the RUR is of UK manufacture. as an example of anomaly, two AAC badges. both silver, both the same weight as near as dam'it, one hallmarked one not. save the tarnishing, from the same die / maker I believe.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Royal Ulster Rifles 1st glider Battalion cap badge   Royal Ulster Rifles 1st glider Battalion cap badge  

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    I just found this old thread whilst browsing and thought to add what little I know of these badges.

    They were only worn by Officers and WOs of 1st Bn Royal Ulster Rifles which was part of 1st Airlanding Bde, 1st Airborne Division until 1943 when the Bn moved to 6 Airlanding Bde, 6 Airborne Division (thus they missed Op Market Garden but took part in Op Mallard; Pegasus Bridge, Op Varsity etc).

    The badges were solid silver and stamped as "Sterling" rather than hallmarked (that doesn't mean that a hallmarked piece might have been commissioned by a wealthy individual) and were private purchase by the men themselves. It seems to be unknown which company made them although records suggest that JR Gaunt were approached but were not the eventual maker.

    So, given the total number of WOs and Officers in one battalion (less than 50) this is a rare badge indeed and anything not of high quality silver construction and solid rather than stamped can probably be considered a repro/fake. Those coming to market in recent times seem to attract mid three figure prices.

    Imagine finding a genuine piece on an authentic beret with good provenance, Holy Grail anyone?

    Time for a letter to Santa perhaps



    Just re-read this and think I could have phrased better.
    My post should read as; Solid 'Sterling' marked badges are likely to be genuine. Die stamped white metal or anything else will certainly be a repro.
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