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Seventh Army patch.

Article about: My Seventh Army patch, no idea of the era. Thanks for looking!

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    Default Seventh Army patch.

    My Seventh Army patch, no idea of the era.
    Thanks for looking!
    Seventh Army patch.
    Seventh Army patch.

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    WWII or immediate post-war. If I'm mistaken, i believe US patches were made in this manner until the 60's

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    Thanks Eagle mtn! I am learning the US patches slowly. Some of them have a lot of variants!

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    Thats for sure. I mau not check this forum too often, but i would be more than happy to lend any assistance i can when it comes to US patches

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    Thanks. They aren't something I have a ton of, but there are some that I like and want to get. And then there are some impulse buys!

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    Hi C

    Your Seventh is Postwar , note the edging (should be cut right back to edge) and more probably 50's.

    One of the most contracted SSI that existed post war.


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    Thanks Phill! I will direct it to my Korea themed group.

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    You are absolutely correct about all the different variations in US Shoulder sleeve insignia.. There are quite a few variations for many of the divisions, especially the airborne divisions.. When time permits I will post some of my variations..


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    The Seventh Army was one of the most prevalent Units Post War in Germany.

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