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U.S. Division/Unit Patches

Article about: Hello everyone, I have over 100 U.S. and a few other Allied division/unit patches that my Grandfather traded for/ acquired during his service as a Commanding Officer in the U.S. 70th Tank Ba

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    Hi 08SMLE48

    When you are looking at US v British made patches, there are multiple factors and black reverse bobbin thread is only but one part.

    Also the British used many differant constuction methods during WWII, below is only but one example of one style. The US used the schiffli embroidery machine process that produced 72,000 000 patches, chevrons etc...Every batch would replicate the exact same stitch design on sheets and each would be hand cut to the edge.

    Here are some Basic points to look at.
    Thread:Rayon(US) V Silk(British) thread-Rayon tends to be sturdier and short where as Silk thread wil be loose short or longer.
    Colour: the British thread colour is differant to the US and colours can be lighter or more pastel shade as an example US Olive Drab (Green) can be a British Khaki (Tan) look.
    The backing of British formations signs have many differant backings if we take the 502nd that ia a twill backed cloth (British satin drill cloth backing) a cloth look made up of hexagonal look .
    British left US made Right
    U.S. Division/Unit PatchesU.S. Division/Unit Patches

    Note the backing reverse cloth and black return thread.
    U.S. Division/Unit PatchesU.S. Division/Unit Patches

    Black cloth backing SAS 1944-1946

    U.S. Division/Unit Patches

    Thats a basic look


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    Red Cross

    U.S. Division/Unit PatchesU.S. Division/Unit Patches

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    Fantastic collection & an interest I also share, thank you to our experts for their informative advice

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