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What’s your favorite tank

Article about: Hello everyone, what’s your favorite tank, spg or Tankette. My favorite is the tks Tankette from ww2

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    My favourite tank is the Italian Semovente da 90/53. With its 6 rounds of 90mm ammunition and 25km/h speed. It’s probably the best tank destroyer of the war. Of course
    Yes, as long as the "tank" is a static water tank!!!


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    Quote by Jb4046 View Post
    I think the IS family of tanks have a unique hull design. With a few influences from the KV family it replaced.

    I don’t think there is anything interchangeable between the T-34 and IS-2

    Oh, ok. Thanks for letting me know. I thought I remembered hearing that it was based off of the T-34 in some video, but im probably wrong.

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    Personally, I think the Bob Semple tank is the best tank ever and should pushed back into service! Just, look at it!

    There is TOTALLY nothing wrong with this tank that could hinder it's fighting ability. Tootaaally.

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    AH yes the famed tank of Instagram war/meme pages and YouTube!

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    Just as a big of a meme as the Soviets during the Winter War. Nothing like poking fun at former superpowers

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    I don’t think they use the Bob Semple tank anymore because it’s probably considered a weapon of mass destruction

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    Leopard 1 A1

    What’s your favorite tank

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    Italian M15 42

    What’s your favorite tank

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    Stug 3 short barrel

    What’s your favorite tank
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    Although not technically a "tank", this beast takes the biscuit for me... the wonderful Sturmtiger.

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