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Italian M33 helmet out of the woodwork in NZ

Article about: This Italian M33 shell was a Christmas present from my family. They bought it from a metal recycler here in New Zealand. I subsequently asked the metal recyclers where it came from, and they

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    Default M33 helmet out of the woodwork

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    Hi Rob,

    Are there any markings on this? The shape appears more likely to be the Bulgarian M51 than the Italian M33.

    Italy M33 MVSN - Brendon's Helmets
    Bulgaria M51/72 - Brendon's Helmets

    Bulgarian M72 ??

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    Thanks Matt. The M33 and M51 are nearly identical, intended to be clones of one another (as opposed to the later m51/72) but this liner band differs from the M51 in the location of the punched holes.

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    Hi Rob, here is a Bulgarian M72 metallic headband for comparaison with yours. The M51 original metallic headband was single & flimsy. The M72 (improved with a 2nd metallic band copied from the Italian M33). I believe your helmet to be a Bulgarian M72, hardly no curves on the brim. The M33 brim as a little curve. It's star rivets had 2, 6 or 8 branches, the Bulgarian as 4, seen here. Final confirmation is the stamping on the back inside brim for Italian M33s, no stamping on Bulgarian helmets.

    Italian M33 helmet out of the woodwork in NZ

    Italian M33 helmet out of the woodwork in NZ

    Italian M33 postwar.
    Italian M33 helmet out of the woodwork in NZ

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