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arisaka frog

Article about: hello could someone inform me about this writing?is a frog arisaka... thanks in advance

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    Default arisaka frog

    hello could someone inform me about this writing?is a frog arisaka.arisaka frog.. thanks in advance

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    Inspector's mark


    Modern kanji:

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    when I translate into Japanese he puts the translator "on trial"

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    ok i stay on trial thanks!!!

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    試し; 験し; 【ためし tameshi】 (n) trial; test.

    Perhaps it is marked to be tested? Maybe Nick will comment.

    -- Guy

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    ha yes test also possible

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    May not be Japanese at all, but Chinese. Let's see the back side first to see whether it is correctly marked by a Japanese arsenal.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture arisaka frog  

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    arisaka frog

    no registration behind but all frog hariazka do not have to be registered

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    All frogs are originally marked by the arsenal, as required by weapons regulations. Of course they can become faint and disappear after oiling, but yours is new so they need to be there. Those are not Japanese in my mind, but rather Chinese-marked as a prototype.

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