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Bayonet help

Article about: Hello, my wifes grandfather gave me this bayonet. Maybe someone could help me identify???

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    Default Bayonet help

    Hello, my wifes grandfather gave me this bayonet. Maybe someone could help me identify???
    Bayonet help
    Bayonet help

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    Default TYPE 30 Japanese Bayonet


    The bayonet you have posted is a blade cut-down/guard cut-down Type 30 Japanese Bayonet made at the Tokyo/Kokura Arsenal. These modifications were made in order to convert the blade into a more functional knife, whether for fighting or peeling potatoes is anyone's guess. This modification was likely not done by the Japanese, but whomever possessed the bayonet after it passed from Japanese hands (i.e. American, Soviet, Chinese, etc.).


    V/r Lance

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    Thank you very much.

    Maybe someone could help with second bayonet?

    Bayonet help
    Bayonet help

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    Looks like it could be a WW1 German ersatz bayonet. Essentially a bayonet made later in the war as they wanted to speed up production and conserve certain materials for the war effort. I could be off though, hopefully someone else will chime in soon.

    Best Regards- Jarret

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    Thank you

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    Type 30 kokura bayonet modified it was a common practice from allied soldiers, transform the japaneses type 30 in combat knife

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