Early/Pre WW2 Era Japanese Letter. He speaks of the incoming invasion of Guangdong, China and much more.
This letter was Written by a Japanese Medic. His name was Adachi Saburo. At the time of writing this letter, he was on a ship heading to China. The right side of the letter is addressed to his wife, the left side is addressed to his kids. The letter is dated October 8th 1937. A rough translation of the letter reads:


“ Do not show this letter to anyone.

The soldiers are from every class: some are bureaucrats, businessmen, peasants, only sons, some are newly-married.

For the peace of Asia, and for the Empire of Japan, we are now sacrificing our lives and marching into the enemy land. This is for conquering Guangdong, the critical place both for China and UK. It’s just about to start. Not to mention the enemies defenses. You would be unable to imagine the sacrifices on our side. When I think about these precious sacrifices and beleft families, my heart is kind of indescribable in words. So, considering those people, our troubles and pains never make even one millionths of theirs. That’s what we’re talking to each other. How hard people try to recognize the current situation or serve selflessly at homeland. There is no true spirit in them. Gathering here, the collective troop soldiers feelings are the true Japanese spirit or Yamato spirit.

Our unit is guarded by a destroyer and will come back, so definitely safe. Even when landing, we will go to the area already occupied after battles. There is nothing we can’t do. In my workplace, there is Nishine whose hometown is the same as me. He is a private, same with my acquaintance Tsune Nakabayashi, an elementary school teacher. He is the same as me, 35, has 2 kids. So, I’m always with him and doing things together. I’m experiencing a real military song, sung as “here is 3 hundred miles away from home…”. We’re strictly told that the place we’re going to will be plagued, unboiled water and raw food are strictly prohibited to take in. I don’t care being naked only in Fundoshi, but I don’t want to get sick, so I’m being careful. Keep mutual health and go back, this is the last line. No one would know when this letter will reach you.


Akira, Makoto, listen to your mom and play well. I am still on the ship. It's very hot here and the soldiers are all naked. There is a warship. There is an aircraft carrier too. On the aircraft carrier there are a lot of airplanes. All of them have the rising-sun flag. One the airplane Akira-san made, there was also the rising sun flag, wasn’t it? The warships also have cannons. We are going to China. As dad and my friends are medics, so we are going to heal the soldiers who get injured in the battles. Take good care of your health. With mom, I want you three to live happily together. Good bye. To Akira-san and Makoto-san. “
Early/Pre WW2 Era Japanese Letter. He speaks of the incoming invasion of Guangdong, China and much more.