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Japanese dog tag

Article about: any good info on this tag? thank you.

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    Default Japanese dog tag

    any good info on this tag? thank you.
    Japanese dog tag
    Japanese dog tag

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    We'll have to wait for Tom and others to tell us what unit "Nami" was mapped to. In the meantime:

    波 一七四八
    Nami [wave] 1748

    14 [or it might be 1 .........4]


    -- Guy

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    The first kanji is not 波 but 渡, which stood for the 14th Army (Philippines), which later became the 14th Area Army in July 1944, when the Kanji code also got changed. So this tag was from before that change.

    The unit code of 1748 stood for Land Duty 124th Company 陸上勤務第124中隊, a funny name for an army unit anyway on land duty. This type of company usual got assigned odd jobs like transport, field weapons depot, POW camps, collecting fire wood, field kitchen duty, etc and were primarily composed of veterans on their second or third tours, in their 30s up to 40 years old.

    Unit 124 was formed by being called up to assemble at the 4th Taiwan unit (Taiwan 2nd Inft Rgt Reserves) on 3rd Oct. 1941, where they were trained, which is why the second line says "臺 4". They participated in the battles for Manila, Bataan and Corregidor.

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    lots of history in one tag

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    Quote by nick komiya View Post
    The first kanji is not 波 but ...
    Thanks for the correction, Nick!

    -- Guy

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