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Master Index for Reference Articles written by Nick Komiya

Article about: Master Index for Reference Articles by Nick Komiya More than seven years of continuous writing on Japanese military topics have resulted in a pile of pinned articles that makes this forum pa

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    Default Master Index for Reference Articles written by Nick Komiya

    Master Index for Reference Articles by Nick Komiya

    More than seven years of continuous writing on Japanese military topics have resulted in a pile of pinned articles that makes this forum page look a bit over-cluttered, and even I find it tedious to have to go through all the titles to find a specific article.

    In addition to that, my articles are still works in progress, and I frequently add new discoveries to them. However, when I update, unlike new threads that automatically rise to the top of the list, pinned threads are not set up to draw enough attention to updates, which can get easily missed.

    So this is a Master Index of my articles by category to facilitate your search. Only this needs pinning at the top, and all the rest can be unpinned to tidy things up. Any updates I make to old articles will cause them to rise to the top of the page, so you won’t miss them.

    Just click on the highlighted theme of interest to you, and you will be taken directly to the linked article.


    A. Primers for new collectors of Japanese Militaria

    1. Pre-war vs Post-war Japanese writing. Especially for those interested in Yosegaki Flags

    2. Kamikaze Headbands. No, they were not for pilots, but for student girls.

    3. Read this before touching any Rising Sun Flags

    4. Reservist items that get mistakenly bought as Navy and Army items.

    5. Typical Collector misconceptions about the Naval Land Forces. Non-Japanese collectors tend to entertain the illusion they were elite counterparts of the US Marines, but in truth, they were more of a naval penal unit or like the German Volksturm, composed of those unfit for sea or aviation branches. Being assigned to the NLF was ultimate demotion in the IJN.

    6. For those who want to return Yosegaki flags to the Japanese soldier’s family

    7. Beware of modern “Gamer Goods” sold as WW2 militaria.

    8. The unintended American penchant for collecting Japanese school cap emblems. Japanese school cap emblems can have wings, stars, swords, cherry blossoms, eagles and anchors on them, constantly fooling disoriented bargain hunters into buying them in the hope they are military.

    B. Medals, Orders and Badges

    1. Story of the Order of the Golden Kite

    2. Evolution of Imperial Japan’s War Medals

    3. Evolution of Imperial Japan’s Commemorative Medals

    4. Evolution of the Navy’s Gunnery Proficiency Badge

    5. Evolution of the Army and Navy’s Pilot Badges

    6. Obscure badges. Naval Anchor lapel badges. Army Press Club badge.

    7. Japanese countermeasures for wartime metal shortages

    8. Awards for army dogs, horses and pigeons

    9. Evolution of Rising Sun Order Lapel Rosettes

    10. The Evolution of the Japanese Imperial Army Marksmanship badges (1882 - 1945)

    11.Evolution of the Japanese Wound Badge at a glance

    12.Being "Hip" about So-called Commemorative Military Watch Fobs

    C. Headgear

    1. Evolution of the Japanese Army Steel Helmet and Accessories

    2. Evolution of the Japanese Army field caps

    3. Evolution of the Japanese Army Sun Helmet

    4. The black night raid helmet myth. Besides the fact that helmet covers were regarded as critical for stealth in night raids by muffling the metallic clang when a branch comes swooshing back from someone wading through the bush ahead, it was strictly taboo for soldiers to abuse one’s gear and personalize them like painting the helmet black.

    5. The Bamboo Sun Helmet Hoax

    6. Wartime vs Post-war Fire Brigade Headgear

    7. Type 92 Bullet-Proof Army Helmet

    8. The IJA's Secret Design Plans for a New Visor/Field Cap Revealed by Nick Komiya

    9. The IJA crackdown on the "Bad-Boy" Wehrmacht look

    10. Proving Absence of Bogus Specs and Fantasy Items

    11. Some room for a Shinyo Crash Helmet

    D. Fieldgear

    1. Evolution of IJA Rifle Ammunition Pouches

    2. Evolution of IJA Water Bottles

    3. Evolution of IJA Shelter Halves

    4. Evolution of IJA Bread Bags

    5. Evolution of IJA Gas Masks

    6. Evolution of army dog tags

    7. Army Paybook content, the Imperial Rescript to Soldiers and Sailors

    8. Navy Acceptance Stamp Regulations

    9. The Evolution of the Japanese Imperial Army Backpacks (1874 - 1945)

    10. The Evolution of the Japanese Army Passbook (1871-1945)

    11. The Japanese Army's Weapons Camouflage Manual

    12. Rocket in the Pocket

    13. The Evolution of the Japanese Infantryman's Entrenching Tool : 1887 - 1945

    E. Uniforms

    1. Evolution of IJA Flight Uniforms

    2. Evolution of uniforms worn by the Emperor

    3. Evolution of Army uniform marking practices

    4. Basic hand stitching patterns used by the IJA for uniform repairs and insignia attachment.

    5. Summer Weight Puttees ?

    6. The Japanese Naval Paratrooper Specialty Patch Hoax

    7. Is it Japanese , Chinese or Taiwanese ?

    F. Swords

    1. Evolution of the Army’s Type 95 NCO Gunto

    2. The practice of sharpening and dulling of blades on bayonets and swords in the army

    3. The true significance and identity of the Army Contingency Spec Officer Sword commonly
    misidentified as the Type 3 Officer sword.

    5. Program for converting family blades and short blades into Gunto

    5. The Mystery of the 1937 naval officer’s sword launch

    6. The Golden Sword presented to the Emperor of Manchukuo

    7. Misidentifying the Emperor's Grand Marshal's Sword

    8. Late war all brown army officer sword tassels exposed as a hoax

    9. The myth about Japanese Kamon Family Crests

    10. Legally rebutting the existence of a Type 3 Army Officers Sword

    11. The Untold Story of Suya Shoten

    12. Unraveling the Mystery of an Unidentified Navy Dagger Design

    13. Identifying a mystery Police Dagger

    14. Sword Terms "Spelling Bee", the IJA Way

    15. Weaponizing your Language

    16. 1945 Rinji Seishiki on the ICU Ventilator

    17. Why did the army revive the Samurai sword design in 1934 for officers ?

    G. Flags

    1. Army and Navy Battle Flags

    2. Navy Signal Flags

    H. The War Economy and Civilian Life

    1. Military style civilian uniforms

    2. Wartime Markings on Civilian Goods

    3. The Leather Crunch of 1938

    4. Insignia and Badges for Requisitioned Workers in War-critical Industries

    I. Japanese Symbolisms

    1. The Chrysanthemum Crest, the Army Star and the Rising Sun

    J. The Kamikaze Myth

    1. 4 Kamikaze Secrets

    2. Kamikaze Headband Hoaxes

    K. Miscellaneous

    1. The Obscure and Bizarre

    2. Army Barracks Furniture

    3. A Japanese man freed by the Wehrmacht from Russian internment during WW2

    4. Messengers of the Deep 深海の使者

    5. Japanese Defiance against Nazi Germany's Repression of the Jews

    L. Research Resources

    1. Visual Research Resources
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    Certainly one for the bookmarks! Thanks for all the trouble Nick.

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    Thank you Nick.Your help has been a true pleasure and encouragement in the militaria hobby.

    Last edited by Alan M; 01-25-2020 at 05:16 PM.

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    Thanks for sharing your hard work and knowledge with us Nick.


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    So much reliable knowledge in seven years. Amaizing. Thank you once again. Wasn't it question of a book at some point ?

    I mean, you could almost copy / paste all theese topics and make something great that I would be happy to buy. Take a nice picture for the hardcover, and it's done ! There is even enough for a whole collection. Each chapter of your index could be a book by itself. Come on where are the smart editors ?

    Super helpful tool anyway, good idea. I realize I never read some topics in the list. You make m'y evening !

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    Thanks so much for these and also for the years of research you have given FREE to this and other forums.
    Very few people would ever share this information with no expectation of some sort of recompense.

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    Those who frequent our forum are indebted to you Nick . The sharing of your insight and knowledge of the workings and government of Japan in the period really help to build a picture of the disciplines of everyday life for folks , in both civilian and military life . Your understanding and translation skills of the ancient Japanese language used in those days , which you share with us here at WRF is PRICELESS !! Everything backed up with documentary evidence . There is nothing else like it to be found on the Web !! You are our " National Treasure " Nick and thank you for everything you do here .

    We are the Pilgrims , master, we shall go
    Always a little further : it may be
    Beyond that last blue mountain barred with snow
    Across that angry or that glimmering sea...

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    Do you mean my "Lifetime Member" designation is further upgraded to "National Treasure"? Thank you for the promotion, but spending the rest of my days like the Great Buddha will only give me stiff shoulders, so I gladly accept only your thoughts.

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    Why do I write this all for free? Here's my full reply

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    I'm wondering if you've done any digging into the topic of the Homeland Defense efforts at the end of the war? The reason I ask is there is a version of Officer gunto that seems to have appeared in 1945, similar to the Rinji Seishiki model, yet distinctly different. Both Fuller and Dawson opined that it was a Homeland Defense model, yet all known examples have Mantetsu blades in them. Rapid/mass produced Home Defense items don't tend to have such high-end characteristics.

    So, I'm wondering if there were any mil specs put out for swords in 1945 for Home Defense? If so, we can compare these gunto to the specs. If not, we are left with speculation for the time being.

    Bruce Pennington

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