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Need Help Identifying Japanese WW2 Hachimaki

Article about: Hi, I have this WW2 hachimaki that was given to me by a WW2 US sailor who traded it for cigarettes with a Japanese POW. Has anyone ever seen this exact one or know how to figure out what uni

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    Quote by Rod View Post
    Nice Dave, way to pull it all together!

    For what it's worth, a 'maki' is a wrap. Japanese soldier's puttees are called makikyahan, sushi seaweed wraps are maki and hachimaki are head wraps.

    Cheers guys!
    Everything you say is correct .... but "hachimaki" is more literally translated as a "bowl wrap" (^__^)

    【はち】--Hachi -- (n) (1) bowl; pot; basin; (2) flowerpot; (3) crown; brainpan;

    (P); 巻き 【まき】 --Maki -- (n) (1) roll (e.g. of cloth); (2) winding; (3) volume (of book)
    The reason maki is used as a counter for book .... books used to be scrolls; thus ... "rolls."


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    What you have is a common navy towel, a tenugui, not a hachimaki. It is used to wash yourself in a bath. Anyone who takes baths in the navy will have one, not only the NLF.

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    As always, your help is much appreciated Guy!

    Wrap and Roll High School student, Rod

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    Here's a couple of 'captured' ones.



    Need Help Identifying Japanese WW2 Hachimaki

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    A hachimaki (鉢巻, "helmet-scarf") is a stylized headband (bandana) in Japanese culture, usually made of red or white cloth, worn as a symbol of perseverance, effort, and/or courage by the wearer.

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    Default Please help me identify this Hachimaki

    Need Help Identifying Japanese WW2 Hachimaki My dad brought this back after WWII was over. He served on a ship that was in support of the Philippines. I don't know if his ship went any where else in the Pacific. This cloth band is 28" X 1.75". In some of my research I have determined that the round red and blue symbol is used in Korea. Need Help Identifying Japanese WW2 Hachimaki Any information would be helpful.

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    That says "Destroy Communism and unite (the country)", a standard South Korean slogan during the Korean War.

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    Is it Japanese writing or Korean writing?

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    Quote by jennis70 View Post
    is it japanese writing or korean writing?

    Both Korea and Japan use Chinese characters; these are called respectively "Hancha" and "Kanji" ... both words are spelt 漢字 and mean "Chinese Characters."

    Wiki has a good article about the use of Hancha in both Koreas.


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    In other words your question was like "Is the alphabet English, German or French writing?"

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