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Need help pilot dirk

Article about: Need help please on this Pilot Dirk unsigned.supposed to be authentic. Thanks

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    Minor point of order regarding "kwaiken."

    It seems some (all?) reference books in English romanize 懐剣 (dagger) as "kwaiken"; this is a pre-war romaji spelling and no longer used (except probably outside Japan). 懐剣 is better romanized as kaiken.

    Incidentally, 懐剣 kaiken literally means "breast sword"; but figuratively is "dagger."

    【ふところ - futogoro / kai】 (n) (1) bosom; bust; (2) (breast) pocket; purse; handbag;

    The old fellahs in the 1920s heard "kai-ken" as "kwaiken" .... just like they mis-heard Budokan as "Budokwan."

    [/Minor rant]

    -- Guy

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    Just for giggles, here's a bridal outfit with a kaiken in a neat red bag. Personally, I think you got a nice item there, very collectable, but probably not a "kamikaze" blade, becuase for one thing, it's too good.Need help pilot dirk Need help pilot dirk

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