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Short Development History of Type 95 Gunto

Article about: I do not collect edged weapons, but used to regard ground blades on bayonets and sabers as mostly post war mutilation, at least from the point of view of a collector. But ever since getting

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    the first stamp of the circle with kanji for 2, was used by the Jinsen Arsenal, so it's found on the Pattern 6 predominantly, the first of the wooden scabbard type 95's.
    From memory,Dawson's states that it is used to signify 2nd class weapons. Interested to see what Nick says.
    I haven't seen the other two shown in the spec.

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    Here's what I said about the 2 in a circle two years ago.

    I would guess that what you attribute to Jinsen is actually a in a circle in which the got obscured by the circle and made it look like a . That is the Kanji for the word mercy, as well as the Jin from Jinsen.

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    I didn't see that post before Nick, thanks for sorting me out.

    You have info on such a broad range for collectors, i tend to pick and choose what i'm interested in only.
    Now with the Covid dilemma,especially here, i should do more light reading in other areas to catch things like this that i missed.

    I'll check other patterns (type95) to see where else they appear.

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    Here are the covering pages for the Type 95 Sword proposal as submitted in April 1935. Here, they are following proper weapons development regulations by seeking approval for the sword as a 假制式 or provisional Type. However, the army must have finally decided that the Type 95 had been in development so long that it had earned itself a full-fledged Type designation rather than a probationary one.

    Once again, Ohmura-san mixed this 仮制式(Kari-Seishiki) up with臨時制式 (Rinji-Seishiki) and created the Type 3 myth, so catching this difference is crucial.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Short Development History of Type 95 Gunto  
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    Thank you Nick for the link. I enjoyed reading the discussion on ordnance categories 1, 2, and 3. So all the books are wrong then to call it a 2nd class stamp when in actuality it is just a category 2 stamp. That is interesting to know.

    I would like to apologize to Stegel-san for putting him to work when I could have found the stamp right here at the War Relics Forum. It does appear that some late Jinsen made Type 95s had a ㊁ stamp on the blade 刀身. I have never seen a 仁 stamp used in the 300,000 serial number range, just the Heijō Factory of Jinsen Army Arsenal 仁川陸軍造兵廠平城製造所 factory inspection mark ヘ. I find this odd to say the least since all other makers employed arsenal supervisory section 監督課 or supervisory unit 監督班 final inspection marks.
    監督課 = 東, 名, 阪, 小, 仁.
    監督班 = 関.
    IJA Type 95 NCO Sword Info

    I located another Jinsen Type 95, serial number 300371, with what appears to be either a ◯ or ㊁ inspection mark. However, the inspection stamp is so poorly struck, it would be best to disregard it unless another example surfaces down the road.
    Last of the Late War NCO Swords with a serial number.

    So in summary, two of the three markings are known to have been used on army swords, albeit rather rarely.
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    Could you explain more at the categories?

    It is interesting that the one found has both a category stamp and a ヘ.

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    Quote by Bruce Pennington View Post
    Could you explain more at the categories?
    What I know came via Nick at the link below.
    "Mark of a 2nd Grade Flunky, Really?"
    The Evolution of the Japanese Army Steel Helmet (1918-1945) Revised and Expanded Version

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    So, this stamp on a blade means it has been downgraded "not for combat use". Ok, for training, school, etc? Quite interesting!

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    You get something similar with British issue swords. They have a "service life" measured either in years, or by condition, and then get replaced, because failure in combat is final and to be avoided. They then get "sold out of service" indicated by the double broad arrow or used as training weapons, usually after being ground blunt.

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    It's no problem looking into this stuff Kiipu.

    I agree with you about never seeing a 仁 stamp used in the 300,000 serial number range, just the Jinsen's Heijō Factory inspection mark ヘ.
    The only time i've come across 仁 is on what i consider pattern 3 (iron tsuba) "samples" from Tokyo and Nagoya to Jinsen
    prior to them beginning production. It appears on the fuchi, and all samples i've seen to date had the double pierced tsuba, that is fitted with the top-lock mechanism, but also being able to accommodate the side-lock mechanism if so desired.

    I can now report that after you sent me to 'work' , there are various combinations of category stamps and the 'he' stamp along with the serial numbers, that are available on the pattern 6 Type 95 .
    1- only the serial number on blade.
    2- only serial number and ヘ on blade.
    3- only serial number, ヘ, and 二 without ◯ around it
    4- only serial number, ヘ, and ㊁
    5- two samples have the serial number, ヘ, and 'ichi' without a circle around it
    6- only serial number and 関 on blade. (yes you're seeing it right, it's not a typo)

    Looking at the ㊁ stampings, i would be inclined to say that they may be two seperate stamps, as the position of 二 varies within the ◯ to produce ㊁ on many examples. Sometimes the ◯ is double (over) stamped and sometimes it is so poorly struck it appears only partially as a bracket )

    I agree with your observations on 300371, too hard to call.
    Also another one too hard to call, appears to be ヘ within ◯, but not too sure.

    The pattern 7 and pattern 8 type95's only have the ヘ on the blade and some scabbard parts, no category stamps at all

    Please refresh my memory, where was this one used? 阪 can't be bothered to look it up at the moment

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