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Type 4 ceramic grenade

Article about: Hi Guys, This is an often overlooked little item that can be added into your display at a reasonable cost. Averaging about 100 USD for a good example they can be found in several different c

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    Default Re: Type 4 ceramic grenade

    Quote by haru View Post
    Wait they really go for 100 over there? That's crazy.
    Hello haru,

    Some have. Others for quite a bit less. They command a range of prices, just as do other collectibles, based on condition, type, markings etc. Shipping adds further to the end cost facing a buyer.

    If you have access to "piles" of them as you mentioned in your post of March 1 perhaps you can assist some of us in furthering our collections so that we don't have to pay the crazy prices you comment on now. I know I'm always pleased to find a ceramic bud vase at a bargain price.


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    Default Re: Type 4 ceramic grenade

    nice Grenades.. I to would like a few of these flower pots at a reasonable price...BILL
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    Default Re: Type 4 ceramic grenade

    Sadly for my IJA collecting I'm going to go to college in the US and I'm leaving Tokyo next week, I don't think I'll be able to go to markets anymore. However I'll be in the countryside for a week before I go to America so who knows what I'll find there....my fingers are crossed.

    I'll try to see when I'll be in Japan again, the grenades aren't uncommon so it shouldn't be a problem even if I'm there for a short time, especially if I go to a con...

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    Default Re: Type 4 ceramic grenade


    Wanna mail me one from your side of the ocean?

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    Default Re: Type 4 ceramic grenade

    I only have one right now, and that already has a destination (friend in the US) but if I manage to find any more before I move, I'll make sure to get it for you. Even if it does not work out, I get a nice mini vase . If not I'm probably coming back at least once a year.

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    Hi everyone, just incase anyone is still looking for one of these type 4's ive just spotted one come onto eBay, seller in japan I think.
    anyway just a heads up.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Type 4 ceramic grenade  

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    Does anyone have any clue what kind of string/ ribbon was used to carry these? I have been wanting to make a fake fuze and carry string to sit on top of mine.

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    Below is a link to one such reproduction. You can find more information at that forum by doing a search.
    Completed my crack at type 4 ceramic grenade repro fuze

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