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type 90

Article about: Hi all, been wanting a type 90 for a while now but I know very little about them, thoughts on this one?

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    Default type 90

    Hi all, been wanting a type 90 for a while now but I know very little about them, thoughts on this one?
    type 90type 90type 90type 90

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    That is simple junk. Missing liner, star and all rivets and rings, not even good for a restoration project.

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    is the paint original?

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    Color looks OK, but not the gloss. Might have gotten a clear coat added But it is still junk.

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    Hi Steel,yes the paint is ok however Nick is right about this shell not being restored, the only holes that should be in this shell are the four vent holes on top. The holes around the circumference were added to insert a G.I. type liner by the Thais after the helmet was surrendered by the Japanese.The slits around the shell are original to the shell for two flat pins and a star on the front to hold the original liner in place.


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    Thanks guys

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    Don't give up on it so easily. Yes, it's not an ideal restoration project, but I've restored several of these. Adding the rings for the chinstrap is the only hard part, the extra holes can be filled, repro parts are available, touch up the paint around the repairs or just repaint it and you'll have a helmet for the casual collector who doesn't have a lot of money to spend on an all original helmet. Better than a Chinese made cheap replica anyway.

    Edit: This is assuming you already own this shell. If you're asking if you should buy it; not unless it's really cheap. I wouldn't pay more than $45
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    While there are high gloss paint jobs on some early navy helmets this one has been drilled for a post war thai liner. So You would have to cover those holes up for a correct look. Better to just spring for an un-messed with shell imo.

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    Original shield the color look the one used from thai navy, sure reused in thai post war , it have the hole typical of the use of m1 type liner (look at the holes around the helmet)

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