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Wartime Japanese Radio Broadcasts Related To Swords

Article about: During the war, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) monitored Radio Tokyo and affiliated stations. The Office of Strategic Services (OSS) would then assemble these intercepts into va

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    Default Patriotic Society for Restoring and Tempering Bizen Swords

    In the village of Miyuki, Oku-gun, in Okayama Prefecture,...the Historic Relic Preservation Society was recently changed to the Patriotic Society for the Restoring and Tempering of Bizen Swords...A new sword smithy, costing several tens of thousands yen, has already been completed, and Shuuko Imaizumi has been named the first swordsmith. Many returning wounded soldiers will take up apprenticeship here.
    (Tok. Jap. 1945-02-04)

    I think the below swordsmith is the one being referenced in the shortwave broadcast.
    俊光 [Toshimitsu], his real name 今泉済 [Imaizumi Wataru].
    Looking For Info About Gendaito Smith Imaizumi Toshimitsu

    Since the war, there has been some name changes to the location referenced.
    岡山県邑久郡行幸村 = Okayama-ken, Oku-gun, Miyuki-mura. As of 2004, it is now part of 瀬戸内市 [Setouchi City] for those that want to look at a map.
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    Default Horyuji Temple Swords

    Horyuji Temple Swords

    Nara: The old Horyuji Temple has decided to donate more than 6,000 prized swords to the army. The swords recently were appraised and classified by experts, after which Asano, clerk at the temple, visited Tokyo and got the permission of the Education Ministry to release these prized weapons, which have long been in the temple’s possession.
    (Tok. Jap. 1945-02-20)

    Horyuji Temple = Hōryū-ji = 法隆寺. Wikipedia Hōryū-ji
    Nara Prefecture = Nara-ken = 奈良県.
    Education Ministry = Monbu-shō = 文部省 (1871 to 2001).

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    The Wikipedia story says the temple was rebuilt after a fire 1,300 years ago. I don't know when the custom of donating/dedicating swords to temples got started, but if it was in practice then, that is an average of 6 swords per year donated to the temple. 6,000 sounds like a lot, but considering how long it's been in practice, it isn't as shocking when viewed over time.

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    I saw a sword (in simplified gunto setting 野戰略裝) that was donated by a temple. The sword had a tag indicating a partial temple's name. I don't remember or wasn't able to id the name. The sword had a gimei however. It was a koto cut down from a tachi. It still had a beautiful Sugata (姿). It felt lively in my hands. The only negative was the gimei. And, the price was too rich for me. (That's my own problem.)

    My point is it's interesting that gimei swords got into the temples. That means people donated old swords to the temples. It's not just the newly forged swords. So 6,000 swords from one of the major temples in Japan is not unusual.
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    Default Mugi District Sword Tempering

    Gifu Prefecture: Persons engaged in (tempering swords) of Mugi District of Gifu Prefecture, widely known as a center for tempering excellent swords, are continuing their (excellent) services to the nation, patriotism in the form of military swords...
    (Tok. Jap. 1945-03-03)

    Mugi District of Gifu Prefecture = Gifu-ken Mugi-gun = 岐阜県武儀郡.
    As an aside, Seki is located in this district.

    For those that are wondering what the original text looks like, below is an example.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Wartime Japanese Radio Broadcasts Related To Swords  

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    Default Shimane Prefectural Japanese Sword Service Association

    Shimane Prefecture: The associations and corporations in Shimane Prefecture which manufacture sabres have at this time formed the Shimane Prefectural Japanese Sword Service Association by combining four corporations, in an attempt to promote still greater increased production of sabres in conformity to the war situation which is gradually becoming ever more critical. The four companies are the Shimane Sabre...Association, the Shimane Sabre Corporation, the Yatsuushi (Sieko) Sha, and the Izumo Sword Temperer.
    (Tok. Jap. 1945-03-05)

    Shimane Prefecture = Shimane-ken = 島根県.

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    It does put into perspective the several blades we see over the years with temple dedications on the nakago. I had always just assumed the dedications were like good-luck inscriptions, but now it seems these may have actually been blades that had been given to temples and subsequently donated to the war cause.

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    Default Uttamono Blacksmith Shop, Fukui

    Fukui: The Uttamono Blacksmith Shop in Takeu-machi, Fukui Prefecture, renowned home of cutlery in (Echizen), has already scored brilliantly in the war effort by manufacturing agricultural tools for victory, but it now starts on the mass production of swords to be used in the bloody battles (on Okinawa). The workers are all well-known native swordsmiths and are burning with enthusiasm to get these swords ready to kill each and every enemy on Okinawa Island.
    (Tok. Jap. 1945-05-15)

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