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K98 bayonet bym

Article about: I have an interesting bayonet, the scabbard manufacturer is cof42 with the serial number of 32796. The blade is a bym41 with the serial number of 32796 over 164. Has anybody seen this before

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    Quote by Pedro Henrique Moreira Lopes View Post
    Hey Larry, Sorry for my mistake.
    My bayonet Bym has an unconventional scabbard. Apparently from an Austrian mannlicher. I was in doubt. My bayonet is from 1944, with only the number 4 marked on the back of the blade, a bad finish typical of the end of the war. Didn't the factory take advantage of old scabbards from the rifle mannlicher for use in new k98 bayonets?
    AndyB has the best, latest information but I very much tend to doubt it. A 1944 all matching three digit "A" block has just the "bym 4" on the scabbard, but the bayonet itself has a "44" on the back spine. And for a late bayonet it has a better quality finish than many of its contemporaries from Solingen. Best Regards, Fred

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    More pictures of my bayonet Bym. See that the scabbard apparently is from an Austrian mannlicher. It seems like a replacement, but due to the characteristics of the bayonet, from the end of the war, I wonder if it could not be a desperate measure to reuse old surpluses. The scabbard was repainted in black.

    K98 bayonet bym
    K98 bayonet bym
    K98 bayonet bym
    K98 bayonet bym
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture K98 bayonet bym  

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    Looks like black paint on the flashguard & crossguard as well as the scabbard. That is likely to be post war painted. As for the scabbard it could also be a post war mix and match by someone.

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    There is no black paint on bayonet, its a lake found as E and F range were kipped into Ossiacher see, so the bayonet is well preserved as the blade is intact blueing, it was probably matching, on crossguard and flashguard and pommel is so called mud or watter rust, which remains in layer , the piece was in time switched with Mannlicher scabbard, which is not proper there, the Mannlicher scabbard were normally black painted. b.r.Andy

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    Not disputing where it was found, but first photo sure looks like black paint on flashguard and crossguard. Maybe Mr Lopes can give his opinion on that.

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    In fact, it does not appear that the bayonet has received ink. I read about the bayonets found in this lake, and the damage really does look like oxidation from exposure to fresh water.

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