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Article about: [U][/WARNING!!! THE LINK BELOW CONTAINS DISTURBING IMAGESU] Link to a news feature from earlier this year, posted to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Bergen-Belsen by

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    Default The Burning Of Belsen - WARNING!!! CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES


    Link to a news feature from earlier this year, posted to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Bergen-Belsen by British and Canadian forces in April 1945.

    Pictures of Belsen released 70 years after liberation | Daily Mail Online

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    Very sobering photos and thanks for sharing the link Carl!....

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    It doesn't matter how many times I see images like this it is still hard to comprehend that people were capable of doing this to their fellow humans. Thank Christ hitler and his mates were defeated.

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    many thanks Carl.

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    Thank you for this link Carl, I can understand why this officer did not want to show them during his lifetime, but I am glad they are now out in the public domain to help "stick" another one on the deniers! Leon.

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    So sick.

    Yesterday I visited the Wannsee house where the conference was held to decide the final solution. Strange that what appears to be a normal house was used for such. Obviously it is a museum/information center these days.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    How many of these camps were used to place the captured SS and others? -And for how long after may45?
    And were these "tortured/mistreated" by the allied/sovjets?? Yes yes, i know what i just wrote, i dont know what words to use in english language. If this is a question mods dont like, just delete it- i just started to think about it when i saw the horrible photos.

    I know i would be a "poor" guard in such a place if the ones i was supposed to watch just helped kill countless victims. At least i couldnt be handed ammuntion for my guard duty.....

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    Being in such a camp must have been horrific in itself, but to throw in massive Typhus epidemics as well is a true Hell-born nightmare. I wonder-has it ever been calculated just how many prisoners were killed by diseases without a hand being laid on them?

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Epidemics such as typhus patently accounted for many thousands of camp prisoners lives. However, despite the SS masters not having a direct hand in these deaths as such, they were responsible for the conditions which led to the rapid spread of such diseases...and therefore, entirely responsible for every victim who fell foul to any such disease within the KZ system. Measures were put in place to reduce the threat of epidemics, such as the Quarant├źn-Hof at KZ-Mauthausen and the Quarant├źnelager at Auschwitz-II, Birkenau - Bauabschnitt IIa (compound BIIa), yet the near total lack of medical treatment available, worst hygiene conditions conceivable and lack of any nutritional support would push any human body to the limit. Prisoners showing any sign of illness were generally marked for death immediately, resulting in either selection for the gas chamber or lethal injection.

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    Just a question , in the photo titled "Send off" it looks like two allied soldiers in the crowd are wearing SS camo parkas .

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