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Concentration Camp and Ghetto Currency

Article about: The Dachau piece is a fantasy item. KL Dachau scrip had a totally different appearance. Later in the thread, I will show the correct format. The other examples are originals, with the Buchen

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    Thanks Carl,
    Hopefully, I’ll be here to keep it safe for another 37 years.

    Great thread

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    I found these is a lot of currency I purchased. Based on reviewing this thread they appear to be original. I cannot find another example with this overprint (or signature), can anyone decipher the overprint?

    ThanksConcentration Camp and Ghetto Currency

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    Always interesting to see the over stamped satellite camp / external wok detail examples, such as this one. A number of the Buchenwald subcamps are known to have been issued with this form of camp scrip, including Schwerte (Ruhr), Rottleberode, Wolfen-Bitterfeld, KD ("Kommando") -53, and Altenburg, to name but a few. This is one I have seen before but cannot recall which satellite it belongs to.

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