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Digging at Auschwitz?

Article about: Have sent a complaint to ebay will let you know what they say when they reply.

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    Default Re: Digging at Auschwitz?

    Sort of like selling parts of the Twin Towers

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    Default Re: Digging at Auschwitz?

    Even though this is worse.
    Best Regards

    Vegard T.
    Looking for militaria from HKB 31./977, HKB 32./977, HKB 38./977 or militaria related to Norway

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    Default Re: Digging at Auschwitz?

    Quote by Paul E View Post
    1) No

    2) Totally agree

    3) This sicko wants his rear end kicking as does the bidder !!
    100% agree........cheers paul .....

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    Default Re: Digging at Auschwitz?

    I did not think the items dug up from Auschwitz, that is just a story. Bunch of a junk - and who knows probably someone believe this story

    my Skype: warrelics

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    Default Re: Digging at Auschwitz?

    Visited Auschwitz a few years ago and could not in any way shape or form contemplate digging in or around the camp for relics it would not even cross most normal peoples minds to do such things its a huge mass grave and all you feel when you are there is sadness and anger at the murderers and can not understand people who would dig in these places for profit or any other reason apart from sanctioned searching for items buried by the prisoners by the Auschwitz authorities the sad thing is people buy this stuff why why why ??? We saw relics still on the surface in some parts of the birkinau camp but you would not even think of touching them let alone taking them luckily there where lots of staff around in the camp so dont know how the hell these sickos manage to dig up relics ?? hope if they catch these bastards and they are dealt with harshly by the camp authorities and the police.

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    Default Re: Digging at Auschwitz?

    Cut and pasted this from ebay think this is the guy selling the relics man he has got 4 bids already

    Auschwitz Concentration camp Holocaust dug relics WW2
    INCLUDES Polish Camp Pin, Rings, Nazi buttons, more...
    Item condition: Used

    Time left: 5d 02h (09 Nov, 201000:42:06 GMT)

    Current bid: US $20.50 [ 4 bids ] [Refresh bidhistory]

    Approximately £12.80

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    Item location: Calhoun, GA, United States
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    Default Re: Digging at Auschwitz?

    we should all report this to flea bay via their own 'report' function. It is just not right.

    Steve T

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    Default Re: Digging at Auschwitz?

    Lets not bandy words here, this is tantamount to grave robbing which is illegal in most civilised countries, as for E -BAY, they see fit to block ordinary third reich objects , yet allow this, do they not see the distinction between this and ordinary collectable items, they should be reported to the authorities as well as this uncaring sicko, who i would consider is not a collector but a dollar hungry opportunist

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    Default Re: Digging at Auschwitz?

    I know Auschwitz was huge, something like 21 sub camps, and most of these camps were built over and leveled afte the war, leaving only the main camps we see today. Having said that, anything that is found on these old camp sites, in backyards or vacant lots, should be passed to the museum at a minimum, these are the deads peronal belongings and no one should be making money out of them. I am half tempted to buy them myself and send them back to the museum.... At least that way they will be respected.

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    I can agree in a certain way with you qotd but giving money to such a f@#k will enlarge the market with these items. Once they get money for these items they will return and get more to sell them for their own personal gain. You will support the market with your money and i don't think u want to do that...
    The best way is to buy nothing of this bloke but that's like making gold from water. There are always some idiots that buy these kinds of items from no life scum like this on flea bay. Not knowing or just to stupid to know that they encourage the seller to get even more of these items..


    ps. Steve please let your feelings go..

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