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Digging at Auschwitz?

Article about: Have sent a complaint to ebay will let you know what they say when they reply.

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    Default Re: Digging at Auschwitz?

    Have sent a complaint to ebay will let you know what they say when they reply.

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    Default Re: Digging at Auschwitz?

    Quote by klokhoane View Post
    I can agree in a certain way with you qotd but giving money to such a f@#k will enlarge the market with these items. Once they get money for these items they will return and get more to sell them for their own personal gain. You will support the market with your money and i don't think u want to do that...
    The best way is to buy nothing of this bloke but that's like making gold from water. There are always some idiots that buy these kinds of items from no life scum like this on flea bay. Not knowing or just to stupid to know that they encourage the seller to get even more of these items..


    ps. Steve please let your feelings go..
    I can certainly see your point there. Ath the end of the day someone is going to buy this and he will get his money. Lets hope whoever does has some more morals than the seller!

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    Default Re: Digging at Auschwitz?

    Please help me report this b@stard to flea-bay.
    Best Regards

    Vegard T.
    Looking for militaria from HKB 31./977, HKB 32./977, HKB 38./977 or militaria related to Norway

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    Default Re: Digging at Auschwitz?

    This is simply disgusting. Gary J, thank you for the Bronowski quote/clip. I have seen the series (The Ascent of Man) many times and have the book here in front of me.
    I hope that others are not encouraged by this ebay sale to go and desecrate Auschwitz or any other camp. This is not the same as battlefield archaeology in any way.
    This is blatant grave robbery. I want to use harsher words, but I will stop right here.

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    Default Re: Digging at Auschwitz?

    Had standard reply from ebay that will look in to it in the next 24 houre so we will see !!

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    Default Re: Digging at Auschwitz?

    I have reported him to Ebay as well.


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    Default Re: Digging at Auschwitz?

    I remember how I felt when there was this deluge of German dog-tags coming from Eastern Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall...Of course many were broken in half, and obviously from mass-graves of German Soldiers...I felt angry because they were dishonoring the fallen, to make a few lousy dollars...
    I still won't buy/sell/trade such items ever...It's my personal code of ethics. Unfortunately, there are many people out there without a sense of personal honor.
    These individuals should never be welcomed here among us.

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    Sad to think that people want to make money out of such suffering.I wonder if they would feel the same if there own relatives were there.There are many words to describe the scum that sell this kind of thing,no matter what the war or conflict.I'm shure those amongst us with proper morals will know what they are.I too have reported it to Ebay.I hope it makes a difference.

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    Default Re: Digging at Auschwitz?

    This really takes the biscuit. This is indeed grave robbery. I havo no words for it.
    What a sicko !!

    Isn't there a law in that country that states that everything found in the soil is property of the government ? If they would erect a group or a Ministry that would take care of these found items and dispay them that would be fine for me.

    My grandparents and father were in a Jap camp. Image how I would feal if a stranger would dug up their belongings and sell them to make money !!!

    I served near the former Bergen Belsen camp in the 80s. Been there a lot.
    Came back last May again for our Cavalry reunion ans saw that they dug up some artefacts too and displayed them to he public. This ment for historical and educatonal use only.

    I was touched by these small objects....See mij pictures :
    020510 bergen belsen - a set on Flickr
    You'll find the artefact fotos on the fifth row from the bottom up.

    I am a Dutch journalist and I'll try (TRY) to interest our newsspaper to write about it. Let's also make a pact together and report this' sob' to ebay massively



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    Default Re: Digging at Auschwitz?

    This was interesting and seems to fit in here on this discussion.

    Grave robbers targetting fallen of Second World War for memorabilia - News

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