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Digging at Auschwitz?

Article about: Have sent a complaint to ebay will let you know what they say when they reply.

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    Default Re: Digging at Auschwitz?

    I keep my collecting interests close to my chest unless I feel whoever I'm speaking to is open minded, and has an interest in history. It was an important part of history, perhaps the most important period in the last few hundred years, and the relics of the defeated foe in this most epic of struggles hold an allure. Not because I feel an affinity with their ideals, it's a very intangible and hard to explain thing (impossible to explain to some).

    I don't think digging at a place like Auschwitz is in good taste.

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    Default Re: Digging at Auschwitz?

    I agree with Paul E. Our Forum should have no connection to this sicko or these items. Too many collectors have no concept of the reality of the Holocaust and it's horror.


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    Default Re: Digging at Auschwitz?

    I think it would be disrespectful and morbid

    The camp should be left as it was (Meaning un-dug, no problem with the visiting)

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    Digging up a thread that's been dead for several years. Apologies, but it seems this activity is continuing, on eBay UK of all places. Considering how stringent they are when it comes to anything TR-related, you'd think they would jump on this in a flash. But not so. This listing, plus another selling barbed wire and ceramic insulators from the fence around the Birkenau site, has been up for over a month now and has over a dozen 'watchers.'


    Why anyone would even consider buying something like this is beyond explanation. Seems like a type of morbid fascination that goes far, far beyond any interest in history. Frankly -- and I'm sure many of you will share this sentiment -- I find it utterly ghoulish and just plain disrespectful. Having visited Auschwitz I and II (Birkenau) last year, something that will stay with me for the rest of my life, I cannot fathom the thought process behind scavenging for relics to make what amounts to pocket change.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Digging at Auschwitz?  

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    I'm surprised that no one has reported the seller. This must breech their rules.

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    ''Items that are not permitted include, but are not limited to:
    * Holocaust-related items, including reproductions such as:
    * Uniforms and personal belongings of concentration camp prisoners
    * Jewish identification (armbands, Star of David)
    * Holocaust photos that depict dead bodies, executions, or other violent or degrading scenes
    * Nazi issued documents (passports, travel papers)
    For more information about Holocaust related issues, you can visit the Holocaust Educational Trust''

    That's eBay UK's exact say on the matter, but it seems they're really not that stringent or observant when it comes to enforcing these rules. I've bought multiple WehrpaƟ documents through eBay, as well as a collection of day badges without issue. And those were items that are perfectly morally sound, comparatively speaking.
    You'd think anything even remotely relating to the Holocaust would be brought down faster than you can blink, but it seems that isn't so.


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    Removing any sort of artifact or remains from the death camps if it's not illegal already it should be. Take for example in Italy or Greece, just taking away a small marble stone from the ground at the site of an ancient temple can land you in a lot of trouble in those countries. I seem to remember it was reported in the news a while ago of some schools boys who picked up some artifact they saw on the ground while on a school visit to Auschwitz. They were firmly rebuked.

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    It IS illegal to remove artifacts from the Auschwitz site. But it does not stop people from doing it. There have been numerous instances within recent years, several resulting in prosecutions.

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    Digging at Auschwitz?

    For the sake of the thread and future discussion, the item in question as pointed out by B.B. For the record I find it repulsive that a person would buy or sell such an item. There's certainly enough materials/museums out there dedicated to preserving the artifacts and historical importance of the occurrences surrounding the Holocaust, no one imo needs to own a piece associated with any of the camps to better "appreciate" what happened there. JMO.


    Edit: Sorry B.B I just noticed you included a picture, my apologies.

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    The human mind can be a frightful thing. Mental illnesses for some goes unnoticed or is masked by the unbalanced one. However it does "peak it's head out" occasionally, this would be an occasion. Any thrill or morbid interest gotten out of buying or digging or collecting such objects are symptoms of a much greater problem

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