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Jewish Concentration camp armband - opinion needed

Article about: Would apreciate an opinion on this amrband - little suspicious

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    Default Jewish Concentration camp armband - opinion needed

    Would apreciate an opinion on this amrband - little suspicious
    Jewish Concentration camp armband - opinion needed

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    I cannot say it is real or not, but here is another example:

    Jewish Concentration camp armband - opinion needed

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    The spelling of 'Jood' rather than 'Jude' would make this a Dutch armband. As far as I know, Jews within the occupied Netherlands wore the yellow Star of David patch rather than armbands. Bands of this style were worn within occupied Poland, but these consisted of a simple Star of David design without lettering in the centre. Those were worn by decree of Hans Frank, Governor-General of occupied Poland, from 23rd November 1939 until September 1941, when they were ordered to wear the infamous 'yellow star' patch as well.

    Unless some concrete provenance can be provided for this style of armband, I'd avoid it completely. It seems far too well-made and elaborate for something that would be issued en-masse to people who were regarded as subhuman by their oppressors.

    It's also worth noting that armbands like this were never worn in the concentration camps, only within ghettos and in general life. Concentration camp inmates were given the 'striped pyjamas' uniform, marked with different coloured triangles to denote their prisoner status.

    Regards, B.B.
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    RTH, trust your gut with this one.

    It is indeed, junk.

    To augment, many variations of genuine armband were issued and worn throughout the myriad of camps and ghettos...but none match the type shown above.

    Also, it should be noted that armbands were worn as a form of insignia inside concentration camps by regular prisoners, not just prisoner functionary types such as work detail leaders etc. Striped uniforms were the norm initially, yet once stocks ran out various other forms of prisoner garment were introduced.

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    Extremely bad taste Junk I would say Carl. People who create this rubbish are trying to make a buck out of the holocaust, as are those who facilitate the trade.

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    Many thanks everyone - avoided it

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