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Yellow Badge Star of David Jude (Jew). Opinion needed

Article about: Hello, can someone help me with this item ? Seller quaranted me then this is original piece, but it does not looks like originals I know so I think it should be fake....Thanks all for help.

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    Joey, why not make one yourself ?
    If used as an educational tool & you researched dimensions, exact design, yellow cloth etc, it would be a good visual to students, I would imagine trying to source an original will be hard work & if originals are out there, preserved by families, they would be precious items, just a thought.

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    Well, that's kind of what I'm trying to figure out; whether or not these items are in the hands of anyone besides family (I know we'd have certainly preserved such things from my grandmother's family, had they survived).
    I've considered using a fake, but the impact it would have on me, as well as students, would be so much greater if it was real!
    I love to show historic newspaper articles using the original newspapers, and coins of the Judaea/Roman period using the actual coins.

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