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Kriegsmarine dagger - "E. Bonsmann Solingen" maker marked - reproduction.

Article about: Hi, I don't see a specific thread for KM reproductions so am just posting a few pictures of this one as a reference. I don't think it would fool any dagger collectors (!) but perhaps a casua

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    Quote by Larry C View Post
    Good Morning Bermuda Traveler ....I can not see any sticky threads for Kriegsmarine Dagger copies...within the few sticky threads posted above. If there is one ..I would like to post "that" sticky thread " separately " including it with the rest of the sticky threads.
    Please someone show me where this is so I can include it within this Sub Forum.

    Regards Larry
    No thats the point, LMAO, he was searching for a thread that shows repro Marine daggers, to add this one to it..... that should be a sticky worthy
    I have been to Germany and France on holidays this year and will go to Potugal in 2 weeks, but Bermuda.... no sir

    Cheers buddy!


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    Circuit advertisement Kriegsmarine dagger - "E. Bonsmann Solingen" maker marked - reproduction.
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    If you need to see copies, you can look at this link
    Kopien - kriegsmarinedolch

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