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US Army NCO Heritage and Education Center Virtual Museum Tour

Article about: A little over a year ago, the NCO Leadership Center of Excellence and US Army Sergeant's Major Academy launched a 30 minute video to support the program of instruction (POI) for the Battle S

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    Default US Army NCO Heritage and Education Center Virtual Museum Tour

    A little over a year ago, the NCO Leadership Center of Excellence and US Army Sergeant's Major Academy launched a 30 minute video to support the program of instruction (POI) for the Battle Staff NCO Course. This course formerly known as the O&I Course (Operations and Intelligence) prepares senior NCOs to become staff members of a planning staff for a tactical operations center (TOC). These battle staff NCOs are trained to produce operations reports and to track the battle of a unit on the ground in combat. The current resident course is conducted at Fort Bliss, Texas and it's instructors are also trained to conduct the course for Non-resident students through Video Tele Training and satellite links to other installations across the US and overseas.

    As part of the curicculum, NCO History is imbedded in the course in order to further inform and educate NCOs on their duties and responsibilities as leaders. Several years ago when I was a lesson developer/writer for the Battle Staff Course, I was asked to develop a lesson that would incorporate a virtual tour of the NCO Museum into the course for those students who were at other installations such as Fort Bragg, Fort Campbell, and overseas so that they would be able to fulfill their NCO History requirements. A short video was produced by the then curator of the NCO Museum Mr. Larry Arms. In 2015 when I was hired as the curator of the NCO museum, the Director of the Battle Staff Course approached me to once again do an video after we had renovated the NCO Museum and it's exhibits..

    We were alloted a 30 minute window to conduct a tour of the facility and highlight some historical areas as well as show some of the artifacts and highlight some of the basic repsonsibilities of NCOs through time.

    Attached is a link to the video which is currently on Youtube. We are now in the process of doing a longer video which will be tailored towards the civilian population to better define some of the acroynms and terms used in the military version as well as more details on specific artifacts in the museum. The newer video will be broken into segments that can be skipped over if the viewer wants to see a specific time period in hisotry and a more virtual artifical intelligence (AI) experience will be injected such as turning pages of the Blue Book or seeing more angles of a particular artifact.

    I hope that you enjoy this short video that we produced, and you get to see your's truly narrating you through the museum.. We had fun filming this and we are working on more of the script for our next revised video.. Comments and feedback are welcome..



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    I also want to add that many of the exhibits had been refurbished and redesigned by myself and a few other museum staff members.


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    Gee I wished they had this when I graduated from the SM Academy in 2006. I recall your museum was very impressive on the history of the NCO.

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    Thank you Sergeant Major,,

    We are trying to remain relevant with the force and to remind our younger Soldier's of what it means to be a good steward of the profession by accepting responsibility as a leader...


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    This was great Smitty! And nice to put a face to an Avatar!
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    Very good & educational Cheers Smitty

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    Thanks guys.. I appreciate the feedback from everyone..


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    Well done!
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    Thank you very much Adrian..

    We are looking forward to producing the next updated version.. It will be more suited to the civilian population with more detailed emphasis on some of the military terminology that many of the Soldiers use daily but is unfamiliar vocabulary for many of our civilian support staff and general public...


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    A job well done indeed. Congrats for creating a concise and informative presentation.

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