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"The Iron Cross 1813, 1870, 1914"

Article about: No problem terry: I got on line and googled it and came up with one supplier. It is Timewalker toys and collectables. They had it for \\$209.99 plus a small shipping fee. They are in Kansas ci

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    Default "The Iron Cross 1813, 1870, 1914"

    My copies of the Iron Cross book by Frank Wernitz arrived today and I have to say that seeing in "in the flesh" it is even more awesome than I had anticipated. Verlag Militaria has always had a high reputation for quality and this set is no exception. Printed on high quality glossy paper, superbly bound and with the highest quality of images, it really is a stunning work. The two volumes, with the slip case weigh well over 5 kilos ! Total page count is over 850 with over 1500 photos.

    At 150€ for the two volume set it compares well price wise with some single volume works !

    The first volume is a real goldmine of historical information, looking at issue such as the issue of the Iron Cross to German Jews, the inequality in awards to officers and lower ranks, the "devaluation" of the Iron Cross due to the over-liberal awarding of it during WW1, the various manufacturers and sub-contractors for the crosses, etc etc.

    Amongst other things Dr Wernitz puts out a totally convincing argument which (for me at least) finally settles the identitity of the manufacturer of the KO marked crosses as Klein & Quenzer of Oberstein.

    Another fascinating fact that emerges is that those crosses with an 800, or 835 etc silver hallmark are not special higher grade crosses, better than the unmarked pieces, as the unmarked pieces are actually 938 silver, so these pieces which often sell for higher prices, are actually the lower quality pieces!!!.

    With such a huge number of private purchase variations produced for the 1914 EKs, it would be almost impossible to catalogue every one and there are certainly known variants not included here. Dr Wernitz has gone to great lengths however to catalogue all the known manufacturers of the acutual official award pieces and shows the various combinations of cores found with each makers frames. (Many manufacturers only made the actual frames, and received the cores from official government supplies, so the same cores may be found within frames from different makers)

    Where this two volume set really scores is with the detailed history and background (political, social and military) to each of the Imperial issues

    For a study of the Iron Cross from its foundation to the end of WW1, this is without a doubt, the best book on the subject ever written and it is frankly difficult to conceive of anyone bettering it.

    It should be a must for every medal collector, even if their interest is primarily on the TR period.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture "The Iron Cross 1813, 1870, 1914"   "The Iron Cross 1813, 1870, 1914"  

    "The Iron Cross 1813, 1870, 1914"  

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    Default Re: "The Iron Cross 1813, 1870, 1914"

    Thanks for the info and that looks like a book well worth having!..

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    Default Re: "The Iron Cross 1813, 1870, 1914"

    A great investment, congratulations!
    cheers, Glenn

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    Default Re: "The Iron Cross 1813, 1870, 1914"

    Fine reference books like this are worth their weight in Gold IMO ! Every collector of the Iron Cross needs a reference source such as this ! Well worth 150 Euro.
    Here's another fine publication.....
    Prost ! Steve.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture "The Iron Cross 1813, 1870, 1914"  

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    Default Re: "The Iron Cross 1813, 1870, 1914"

    Steve have you any photos of the inside of the book just as a taster!!! Cheers Terry.

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    Default Re: "The Iron Cross 1813, 1870, 1914"

    I'd agree The Iron Time is a fine book. (It is now out of print and no longer available however). This new book is very similar in style, same large format, quality binding, quality paper but twice the size so is able to go into much much more detail. Having read through it , its hard to imagine what else the author could have included.

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    Default Re: "The Iron Cross 1813, 1870, 1914"

    I'm looking forward to getting a copy.
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    Fred Green

    Default Re: "The Iron Cross 1813, 1870, 1914"


    Even though I collect cloth insignia, this book is on my list to pickup!! Looks Great.


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    Default Re: "The Iron Cross 1813, 1870, 1914"

    I just ordered a set.
    They are a little pricy, but well worth the cost. They must have a backorder on them. My name is in for a set and "payment will be made when shipped". thanks for the heads up on this fine 2 volume set.

    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    Default Re: "The Iron Cross 1813, 1870, 1914"

    John where did you order your books from ?? if you don't mind saying!! Cheers Terry.

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