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Ciney fair reviews?

Article about: Hi collectors. I am planing to visit the Ciney fair in Belgium in october for the first time. I would like to hear about any good and bad experiences,do'es and don'ts. I also read once that

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    Default Ciney fair reviews?

    Hi collectors.
    I am planing to visit the Ciney fair in Belgium in october for the first time.
    I would like to hear about any good and bad experiences,do'es and don'ts. I also read once that pickpockets at the fair was an issue?
    And are prices at the fairtables negotiable?
    Thanks in advance.

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    It's a great show, very big and you certainly can find nice deals there but you have to be early, around 14.00 the first dealers start to pack up again. And yes, there are pickpockets and other rifraf so take the normal precautions.

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    There are often horror stories about pickpockets ( La Gleize seems to be mentioned often ) but they are everywhere - I'm sure you will be more at risk for example at the Gare du Nord in Paris. Best to use common sense - I always keep my wallet/i.d buttoned in a shirt breast pocket and my mobile phone zipped into an inner jacket pocket. Pickpockets focus on the easiest targets. Ciney is huge and earlymb is quite right - if you are seriously looking for something in particular, be there early ! Prices are often negotiable - it depends on the seller. I've noticed over the years that they often react well to the sight of old-fashioned cash......

    Enjoy your visit !

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    I went to Ciney for the first time earlier this year.

    We were there REALLY early, something stupid like 5-6am (it actually could have been earlier but I was so tired).

    Even with that early attendance there were so many collectors ahead of us in the queue. But it certainly pays off to get there, especially if you are with someone who has been before and knows the first people to visit.

    A great day, massive fair and great food and drink available too.

    Can't but recommend it to anyone who hasn't been before.

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    Thank you for all your replies,I totally forgot about the thread.
    I look forward to the fair.

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    Its very Big. come early! some vendors are after the morning.
    I will be there too

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    I am also thinking of attending the show. It will be my first time to attend such a show. I don't know what to expect and what I will be able to buy.
    After the prices of the last auction I am worried.
    Any recommendations for good traders?
    Regards Georgi.

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    As mentioned by previous members; be there early as that gives you a big chance on interesting items (price negotiations will be a bit less easy for the early brids). You will see quite a few tables not yet open but that will change with time.
    And yes it's a great day for international pickpockets too. Fakes are also for sale so be careful.
    Prices differ a lot and are higher then a few years ago, obviously. But from my experience if you realy like an item and the price is reasonable for you buy it, I have once or twice made the mistake to walk away, think about it and then return to buy it... surely it was sold.

    If it is your first time I think you will be positively surprised about the amount and diversity of sellers and items.
    Don't forget to visit the right hand corner of the cow stable hall (when entering via the restaurant) as there are also some stands there.

    Good luck!

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    Thank you for the information.
    I want to ask one more important thing. How is the payment for the purchased items, is everything paid in cash or is it possible to pay by PayPal?
    Regards Georgi.

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    Cash is most common I think, I always paid in cash. Via portable pin can also be an option wih some sellers, never heard of PayPal at fairs but it is internet based so via smartphone should also be possible? Think the best bet is cash..

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