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Stoneleigh (UK) at the weekend?

Article about: ...anyone?

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    Default Stoneleigh (UK) at the weekend?


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    Me and a couple of mates should be heading there. What are you planing to buy?

    Kind regards,


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    helmets..if there are any. you?

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    I reckon I will mainly look for German death cards and a specific piece of pattern 37 webbing to complete a set - Yoke, for Pouches manufactured by M.W & S Ltd dated 1940. There was so much p37 webbing there last year, it would be just my luck if there was none this time around.

    Pattern 1937 Web Equipment
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Stoneleigh (UK) at the weekend?   Stoneleigh (UK) at the weekend?  

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    good luck with that - get there early

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    Yeah, definitely. Saturday night will be a sober one for sure!

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    Can't make it this year, but good hunting guys and let's see your pressies afterwards please!

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    I purchased a 37 Pattern yoke of this maker and date from ebay earlier this month, total cost with shipping £12.98. There are plenty of yokes on there you just have to look at them all for the maker and date.

    Quick update, there are two on ebay at this moment.

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    Good shout Granatwerfer, if I can't pick one up at the weekend, I will check eBay.

    Kind regards,


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    Sadly I'm working (again) but if anyone sees a dealer with good early 20th century (up to 1960 ish) Scottish headgear and cap badges etc I would be grateful for a pm with details website etc

    Hope those who get there have a successful sortie and I look forward to seeing the spoils!


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