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War & Peace Revival 2014

Article about: War Relics Members Come and view our exciting collection of large calibre WW1 German Cartridges on the Military Mementos Stall at J5 ( Juno Field ) and enjoy a drink on us while you browse o

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    Default War & Peace Revival 2014

    War Relics Members

    Come and view our exciting collection of large calibre WW1 German Cartridges on the Military Mementos Stall at J5 ( Juno Field ) and enjoy a drink on us while you browse our latest acquisitions. We have just secured a large private collection of over 450 items which have not been available to collectors in the UK before.

    Some items in our new collection are viewable on an "invite only" basis. Please make our staff aware that you are War Relics members to get access for a private viewing.

    On behalf of Military Mementos we look forward to welcoming all War Relics members to our stall at the War and Peace Revival 2014

    War & Peace Revival 2014

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    If anyone is there now, or was there yesterday - may I just ask what it's like? I'm most interested in the trade stalls more than anything, and just wanting to see if it's worth going (most likely this coming Sat) because it's quite a long way and won't be cheap to get there...

    So what's it been like this year stall wise? Thanks

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    As above.Can some one let us know how its been this year so far please?

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    This is a personal two penn'orth, so don't come after me if you waste your time.......

    My mate Granatwerfer and I went on Wednesday morning. We're rust, armour and weapons guys and we both agreed that the quality and quantity of non-UK-based dealers was a big improvement on 2013, but still not quite up to Beltring standards.
    Plenty of 'rust' about, and quite of lot of stuff which we found interesting, although bargains semed a bit few and far between.

    It didn't look that fantastic if you're after deacts or decorations, but then my Beltring memories go back a long way.

    It was hot, and a lot of walking around the stalls meant that we were too cream-crackered to make it to see the vehicle park which looked miles away ( not nice and handy like Beltring used to be ).

    We came home pleased, mate with a very nice Sd Kfz 251 inner wheel, and me with a KwK42 shell casing and a nice Heer shell box, plus a bargain-priced copy of Lodieu's 116 Pz Divn Panthers in Normandy, plus a few other bits'n'bobs of shellcases.

    ( PS : Ever noticed how it seems to be 'the year of..' for militaria ? Three or four years back it was Zeltbahns, two years ago it was Felfernsprecher 33s...this year it's Jerry Cans. Enough there for an entire Panzer Division..... ).

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    Interesting observations there Martin.Im glad You had a successful shopping trip.I agree with Your opinion on Beltring too.It was a better location for most people as well

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    I've done two days, Wednesday and Thursday, just going round the stalls.

    If you are after german Militaria there is a lot of combat stuff like straps and belts, buckles etc but bring a seat for when you ask the prices. Foreign dealers want mega dollars and the Uk guys are the same people you can find at Farnham arms fair so you can see there stock on line.

    I walked for a long time in the heat and bought two pictures and a shoulder strap on the first day. Today a book and a cap but I got the cap from a uk dealer after seeing it on the website beforehand so couldn't find any hidden treasures. I came home with most of my money.

    To be honest it's always worth a look as it is a good day out but don't hold ya breath for a bargain.

    Hope that helps


    ps it is definitely not Beltring

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    Agree with the guys above. I went Wednesday mainly looking for relics and didn't come away disappointed. There were more stalls than last year and a lot of freshly dug items. Prices were a tad high but it was the first day after all. If you want to do the stalls and the displays then allow two days. Agreed, not Beltring but it is getting there and better than no show at all.

    Cheers, Mark.

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    Thanks for the updates guys.

    Funny, I have not missed going. I actually doubt I could have made it now regardless of parking fees. Work is manic.

    Cheers, Ade.
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